Tuesday, 20 March 2018


It was my Mum's birthday, so we headed for dinner to Chiquito. I have only once been to Chiquito, some years ago.  

I ordered : 

Naked Burrito 
Guacamole, salsa, reformed beans and baby gem lettuce. Roasted halloumi and veg skewer

Vanilla milkshake 


Milkshakes are my new favourite drink. Am hoping I don't get sick of them, before I head to Australia. The churros were also soo good, but I worry I pronounce it wrong so I just point to it on the menu haha.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Ivy On The Square | Edinburgh

When I heard Ivy On The Square was opening in Edinburgh, it brought back memories of Los Angeles. It's been 10 whole years since I visited The Ivy, in Los Angeles. I actually have photos of me, posing outside The Ivy. 

I looked online to book a table at Ivy On The Square. They had every half an hour available through the whole day, so I decided not to book than stressing over getting there for a certain time. I headed to The Ivy with my Mum and when we arrived they said no tables were available, but if we sat at the bar they'd shout us when one was available.    

We sat at the bar and ordered a drink. I then took my phone out and went on The Ivy website and there was tables showing available to book for now, so I clicked book. 10 minutes went by and I said to my Mum, "you know I booked a table for 10 minutes ago". My Mum shouted someone over, so I said we had a booking for 10 minutes ago. The staff person said to follow her and we were taken to a table upstairs.   

I ordered:

Aromatic duck curry
Fragrant coconut duck curry with lemongrass, lime, chilli, roasted cashews and steamed jasmine rice. 


Mixed berry smoothie 
Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, coconut milk and lime.


Chocolate bombe
Melting chocolate bombe with vanilla ice cream and honeycomb centre with hot butterscotch sauce 

The chocolate bombe was the best, but if I go back I would book. I think they prefer you booking. I ended up sitting drinking alcohol at the bar, for the sake of it. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Flying with EasyJet

When you think EasyJet, you think cheap flights. I try only use EasyJet for day trips or traveling light, as you need to add on the cost for check-in luggage. I've flew to London for £50, but other times I've searched you can pay £50 each way. As am saving to go away for my birthday, I didn't plan going anywhere. Then one day I was searching EasyJet website and typing in random places. I found Paris was only £73.50 return, to fly in the morning and come back at night. I ended up clicking to book to go to Paris. 

I hadn't flew with EasyJet in years, so I decided to try the EasyJet app. The app lets you check in and scan the tickets from your phone. I checked in online the night before my flight.

I headed to airport and went straight to security, feeling like I was missing something walking by EasyJet check-in. I scanned the barcode on the app on my phone and went through. Then when I went and bought at Duty Free shops, it saved a lot of hassle showing the barcode on my own.  

I was worried what I bought in Paris traveling hand luggage only, but I did pick up some makeup in Sephora. I would definitely do more hand luggage only trips with EasyJet.   

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Smash Burger

The last few months I've seen people on my Facebook check into Smash Burger. I Googled and found there's one in Dunfermline, so I headed to Smash Burger. 

I ordered:

Stilton stack with has chutney with rocket, haystack onions, applewood smocked beacon & Stilton cheese on a smash bun. 


French fries 


Vanilla milkshake 

The milkshake was too plain. I know it's vanilla, but I have been to other places where it tastes "different". The burger was nice, but there was too much chutney that I didn't taste any cheese. I wouldn't say I wouldn't go back, but I'd maybe try something different on the menu. The plus side they give 25% discount if you show a student  card, so I did get 25% off.  

Friday, 9 February 2018

My First Tea Reading Experience

If you asked me to go to a psychic person, I'd have laughed. I started to joke telling my friends I need to go to a psychic, to get a reading and find out what's going on with my life. Then a friend told me about the psychic cafe, where you get tea, coffee or hot chocolate and cake and a tea reading for £13.50. I've heard people pay £30-£50 for a reading, which I thought is a lot not known what you'll be told. Once my Auntie went to get a reading and was told she had a grandchild on the way, which was true. However she was told it was going to be a boy and it was a girl. I thought to myself you can pay £13.50 alone for a drink and cake, so it would be a good laugh to find out what they had to say about me.    

I headed along to the psychic cafe in West Lothian, called Little Whispers. They asked what I wanted to drink and which cake. I don't like tea or coffee, so I choose the hot chocolate and the chocolate cake. I drunk the hot chocolate  and started thinking what leaves do they read ? Have I swallowed them haha. Once I finished the hot chocolate and cake, the woman came along to do my reading. She kept looking into the mug, telling me things. 

I was surprised how many things she said, that was accurate. I don't want to go into detail about things she said and certain things she said, I can't share with the internet. Some things she said was funny. 

She kept saying all she saw was love hearts, coming from the mug. She said keep note of that there's something happening very soon.

And she said I was going to get a promotion or go higher in my job. I replied no. She goes oh it's not the job you're in, it's something else - I replied oh it must be my blog haha.       

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sephora Paris Haul

Ever since I heard Sephora is in Paris, I've always wanted to see how different the Sephora France is to the American Sephora. I found a cheap flight to Paris, so I took advantage of it and headed to Paris for the day. 

Sephora was the first shop I stopped at in Paris, so I was excited to see how different it was to visiting the American stores. Staff were coming up to me speaking French. I said sorry I don't speak French and carried on looking around the store. There was the usual Sephora branded makeup and skincare, some brands the same as in America and French brands. I was in a rush and limited to liquids I could take on the plane back home, so I ended up grabbing the Sephora favourites - Girly look selection, a couple of the Sephora lip stories lipsticks and a Too Faced palette. I headed to the till and the woman started speaking French. I knew I was going to have a problem, as I wanted to get one of the Sephora France loyalty cards to show I've been to a Sephora France. I spotted a photo of the Sephora loyalty card on the checkout desk, so I pointed and she spoke in French. I said English ? I read on the Sephora website, different countries have a different loyalty card because different currencies and exchange rates and anyone can have the ad even if you don't live in the country. I then showed her my Sephora beauty insider card I got from Sephora in America. The woman just kept replying "French no no". I have no idea if she was saying she only speaks French or she was telling me you have to live in France for the card. I gave up realising with the language barrier, I was getting no where.

Products I bought :

Sephora Favourites Girly Look Collection
Too Faced Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette 
Becca Glow On The Go Highlighter Set 
Sephora Lip Stories Lipsticks: City Beat and Golden Gate

I did however notice when I got home, the Sephora Favorutes Girly looks set was reduced from €29.90 down to €17.90 and it's went through full price on the receipt. I checked the Sephora France website and it's showing at €17.90 online aswell. I looked on twitter and Sephora seem to direct everyone who bought from Sephora France to the French website, however it's all in French. I filled out the contact form nearly a month ago and no reply. 

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Planning A Trip to Australia

Image from Google

This year I turn 30, so I've been making some Birthday plans. My friend Kirsten turns 30 the same time as me, so we've planned going for some Birthday drinks together at the Edinburgh SkyBar.

After visiting New York 6 times over the past few years, It's time for a change. I will be heading to Australia over April and May, with my parents. We will be visiting, Melbourne, Sydney, Surfers Paradise and Brisbane. It's been a dream to climb the Sydney bridge and visit Bondi beach, ever since I watched Mary-Kate and Ashley's movie "Our Lips Are Sealed". I've never been to Australia before, so I don't know what to expect. What else should I see ? How much money do I need for a month in Australia ? Is the shopping good in Australia ?.

Am looking forward to meeting distant family from Australia, who I found online a few years ago. I read a story online, which mentioned names I knew of. I emailed saying, I think we might be related ?. It turned out my great gran and her gran were first Cousins, so we are kind of 4th or 5th Cousins.