Sunday, 5 November 2017

Whole Foods Market Haul

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a New Yorker ?. One of my favourite places to stop for a pizza or pie in New York, is Whole Foods. Whole Foods is everywhere in New York, so you can't go wrong. I always find myself looking at the huge packs of chocolate brownies and cookies, or the ready meals, that you need an oven to cook them. 

I discovered a few years back there's a Whole Foods Market, in Scotland. It's the only Whole Foods in Scotland, in Glasgow. Now I have a car, it's one of my favourite places to drive to seeing the different food. The layout is similar to the Whole Foods Market in New York, so I feel abit like am in New York. 

Products I picked up: 

Sweet chilli chicken drumsticks 
Pasta with spinach & tomato
Vegetable ratatouille 
Vanilla yogurt 
Kale chips
Nothing but. Strawberry & banana 
Nothing but. Pea & sweetcorn 
Bounce almond kale
The primal pantry almond & cashew bar
Corn bread
Chocolate chip cookies

I can't be the only one who loves going to American places, to feel like am in America.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Auntie Anne's Pretzels

I feel like Auntie Anne's Pretzels don't get enough credit, here in Scotland. Well who can blame us Scottish people, when there's only 1 store in Scotland and now they have downsized to a stall. Auntie Anne's pretzels, is a lot bigger in America. I pass stores everywhere in New York

Keeping with the American vibe, as I said in my previous post I drive to Whole Foods in Glasgow. I googled Auntie Anne's and found there's one in Silverburn shopping centre, in Glasgow. I always make a stop at Auntie Anne's pretzels, which is on route. 

My favourite Pretzel is the vanilla and Nutella. 

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Soap and Glory The Ultimelt

New York really is the City that never sleeps. When I go to the City, I try to make the most of it. I was out till 3am and am guilty to say, I was too tired to even wash my makeup of my face. I was getting up at 6am, to get out and see that City again. If you'd even call that sleep. 

I knew I had to sort my skin out. I've been using the Soap and Glory Ultimelt. It comes with a cloth, but who follows instructions ?. I've been using it like a face wash. My skin feels so much better and the smell is lush. 

It's £10 from Boots (buy it when it's 3 for 2 and save money) Boots do a lot of offers on Soap and Glory, either 3 for 2 or a third off. 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

New York City Lego

I bet you never thought I'd be writing about Lego. Last year I met David and I think he's fried of my brain, with his Lego hauls he posts online. Me being Danielle, I like buying things in the name. Am going through a phrase of buying everything in the name of New York. I saw Lego has a New York City Lego set.

As I've just came back from New York, am still in American time zone. I've been so awake at night, since I've got back. To make use of my time being awake at night I bought the New York lego set and sat up late trying to build it.  

Where do I begin ? I was looking through all the bags for ages, struggling to find each piece. That makes sense to why David has posted photos of his Lego, separated into bowls. He's not that daft. Then when I was picking up the Lego, the Lego is tiny pieces. The Lego was flying out my hand and shooting across the room. I think I spent more time searching for Lego that flew out my hands, than I did building it.

I got to the World Trade Center and got the first section no problem. Then it went to plot. The second section, the panels weren't matching with Lego. I took it apart and tried building it back 3 times. It was like building my Ikea desk and drawers all over again, trying to follow the step by step instructions. I always thought Lego was using your imagination, not following instructions. Where is the fun in following instructions ?.

The easiest section was the Flatiron building. All I had to do was layer the same shape of Lego, one on top of another. 

I might have been to the top of the World Trade Center in person, but not in the Lego world. Guys this is my first ever Lego set, so don't be mean to me haha. 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

4 Days Itinerary In New York

When you go to New York, you have to plan what you want to see as there's soo much to see and do. I have visited New York 6 times and I still haven't seen it all. New York is forever changing, so I don't think even a New Yorker can say they've seen it all. I get a lot of people messaging me asking for recommendations on what to do in New York. To make it easier am going to share with you, my itinerary of things I done this visit. The things I done isn't for a first time trip to New York, but hopefully it will give you a better idea to what you can fit in. 

I always plan what's near what, to what will work best each day. If you've never been to New York before, it will help to look at Google maps and work out what you want to see and if it's Downtown, Midtown or Uptown. It helped me to write down a list of shops, I wanted to see on the route.  

I have only went to New York on my own, except the second trip to New York my Mum came. This time I headed in a group of 6 people, although am sure I said in a post earlier it was a group of 4. My Auntie and Uncle decided to join us last minute. It was hard, as it was everyone else's first time to New York and my 6th time. My Auntie stated she wanted to do her own thing, so it helped for me to go of on my own and see new things. 

My list of plans : 

The Mills shopping outlet 
Glossier Showroom 
Dumbo Brooklyn 
Governors Island 
Roosevelt Island

Day One

We flew into JFK airport and got a taxi to our hotel in Times Square, Sheraton. After a 7 hour flight, I like to freshen my face. I put my phone on charge, while I washed my face and redone my makeup.

Everyone headed to the Irish bar along the street, so I headed to check out Roosevelt Island. Roosevelt Island is only half an hour walk from Times Square, so I headed to 61st street and turned right along to the tram stop. I then had to get a Metro card, to get the tram. The tram only took a matter of minutes, to get to the Island and the sun was starting to set. I walked around the Island, then I snapped some photos of the view looking onto Manhattan. 

I then got the tram back to Manhattan, and headed for a walk around time Square. 

My favourite thing on the first night in New York, is going to Walgreens on Times Square and looking at the sweets or candy, as Americans call it. I always pick up Swedish fish, a packet of Lays crisps and a drink for the hotel room.

Day Two

We all headed to Ellen's Stardust Diner for breakfast. Then everyone went sightseeing, so I made use of it and headed to The Mills shopping outlet in New Jersey. 

I walked down to 42nd street and headed right, along to the bus authority.  After visiting Woodbury Common shopping outlet, back in January and reading The Mills has over 200 shops I knew it was going to take a day to get around. 

I picked up things at Victoria's Secret,  Michael Kors, Hollister, Bath and body work and a few more places. 

I read online IHOP was across the road from The Mills shopping outlet. I hadn't had an IHOP in 10 years, since I last visited Los Angeles. One of my fears was to sit in a restaurant and stick out from everyone else, sitting on your own. 

I told myself I am in New Jersey, no one knows me here so this is my chance to go for it. I walked into IHOP and the worker said "table for one?" Me "yea". I looked at the menu and picked the New York cheesecake pancakes, all in the name of New York. I ate the pancakes and paid, then headed out. There was no big deal, after panicking about sitting in a restaurant on my own.

I then headed for the Bus back to New York. Once I got back to the bus authority, I walked to the hotel to drop my bags of.  

We then got ready to head out to 230 Fifth rooftop bar.

We left 230 Fifth rooftop bar at half 2 in the morning and started walking back to Times Square. The thing about Times Square, there's always an atmosphere and it's interesting seeing it at different hours. We even stopped in Times Square, for a 3am McDonald's McGriddle.

Make sure you follow the McDonald's Times Square owner Jim on Twitter @McNuday and tell him you found him through me. He told me, his granny was from Glasgow. 

Day Three 

My Cousin Carla headed, with her mum to Woodbury Common shopping outlet. My Auntie and Uncle headed to see Grand Central station. 

One of my favourite things to do in New York, is to walk down Manhattan at least one day each trip. There's so much scenery to take in, while walking. I love waking down the high line and walking back up Broadway going in and out shops. I had to change my route this time, as I wanted to see Glossier Showroom and be there when it first opened

I started my walk really early heading down Broadway. I stopped at NYX at Union Square, for abit shopping. I then headed to Whole Foods for pizza and sat at Union Square to eat the pizza.

I carried on my route down Manhattan, over to Lafayette Street. I turned the corner, onto Lafayette Street and spotted a banner hanging across the side of the building saying Glossier. I could feel the excitement, I waited so long to see Glossier Showroom. 

There was mirrors outside saying "Glossier Showroom" and a worker standing by the door asking if I was here to see Glossier showroom. I was then directed to the lift, up to the penthouse. 

I walked round Glossier Showroom, seeing all the Glossier products. I had to fill out an "x" beside things I wanted to buy and take the form to the till. Safe to say I spent $125 at Glossier Showroom. 

I then headed to across the Brooklyn bridge, to Dumbo. I snapped some photos of the waterfront by the bridge, before heading back over the Brooklyn bridge. 

One of my last aims on this trip, was to visit Governors Island. My favourite New York blogger, is Mary over at New York Cliche. She wrote about Governors Island, so I had to check it out myself. I headed towards Battery Park for the Ferry across to Governors island. I met a few people who said they worked on Governors Island. They were telling me when the Island is shut for the season, they work in Florida. This year is the first year Governors Island was open in October, so I felt a little special being on the Island.

I got the ferry back to Manhattan and started my walk back up Broadway. I did make a quick stop at the Birchbox store. I've never been in a Birchbox store, so it was quite exciting to see a store. 

I got back to Times Square and had dinner at Shake Shack, before dropping my bags of at the hotel and meeting up with everyone else. 

I then headed to the Irish bar on Times Square, where everyone was. We stayed out till 4am, before making our way back to the hotel.    

I walked 16 and a half miles around Manhattan, according to my mobile.

Day Four 

I headed with my Cousin Carla, towards Central Park. We stopped at Tiffany and did a little Tiffany shopping. Then Carla headed back to Times Square. 

I carried on my walk to stop by The Row, on 71st Street. I walked in and it was the same worker who served me last year. The worker said "hi, oh hi. I remember you. You're from Scotland. You stopped at the store, when it first opened and bought sunglasses. Do you wear your sunglasses?" Me "Scotland isn't the weather for sunglasses haha".

I then heading onto the MET museum, to see the rooftop looking over Central Park.

I had a few hours left in New York and still didn't get time to stop at the M&M store. I managed to meet up with Carla in Times Square, before we split up trying to pick up last minute sweets to bring home. 

I waited on Carla at the end of the road, then we headed to pick up our suitcases from the hotel. We all then got a taxi, back to JFK airport. 

Things you'll learn from New York :

There's no such thing as, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You just stop when you have time. The meals in America are big, so you don't need 3 meals anyway.

You don't get a lot of sleep, as you are trying to make the most of being in the New York. 

Most of the streets are up and down and across ways, so it's easy to navigate around the City.

You'll be amazed at what you can fit in a day. 

If you want help with ideas, you're more than welcome to contact me.   

The Row

When you travel across the Atlantic, you least expect someone to remember you. Although saying that, my website statistics show more than half my website views come from America.

I have been a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley, since their acting years. They opened a store for their fashion brand The Row in New York City, so it was my aim to visit the store. 

I headed to New York last September and visited The Row. I looked around the store, before deciding to buy a pair of sunglasses. I remember the woman saying "the owners, own most of them" and I replied "you mean Mary-Kate and Ashley". She said "one of the Olsen's wore them yesterday", pointing to a pair". I actually headed to the store the day before, but it was shut. They had a fashion event and I ended up spotting Mary-Kate and Ashley coming out the store. So I said "oh I actually saw them yesterday". I got my phone out and looked back the photos I took of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Ashley had the same exact glasses on as the woman pointed to. I said "so she is, it's Ashley wore them. I'll have the same sun glasses as Ashley". Then the woman took me to the desk to buy them and she chatted away.

I was passing The Row store last week, so I went in. I was greeted by the same woman who served me the sunglasses. She said "hi, do you need any help ? I said "hi, am just looking" she replied "oh, hi I remember you, you're from Scotland. You visited the store when it opened and bought sunglasses. Have you worn your sunglasses" ? I replied "Scotland isn't really sunglasses weather haha". 

It was nice she remembered me, when you think how many customers have visited the store.  

My receipt I have kept, from visiting The Row.