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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Wetherspoon Christmas Dinner | Brie & Cranberry Vegetable Burger

It's that time of you, where everywhere you go has Christmas dinner inspired meals. I headed to The White Lady (Wetherspoon) with my Mum for dinner. 

I ordered the brie and cranberry vegetable burger, which came with chips, onion rings and a drink. The drink I had was.... an Irn Bru. Everyone who knows me, knows I always go for Irn Bru. Irn Bru should give me a job. I do well, at advertising Irn Bru.

What can I say where else can you get Christmas dinner, with chips ? The vegetable burger is the burger on their main menu, but with breaded brie on top. 

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Wetherspoon | Vegetable Burger

Expect plenty of Wetherspoon meal posts on my blog, as Wetherspoon is my local place to go to. I headed to Wetherspoon with my Mum, for dinner. 

I had the vegetable burger, which comes with chips and an Irn bru. The vegetable burger isn't as nice as the vegetable burgers Wetherspoon used to do, it was abit mushy. 

I think my Mum is morphing into my Gran (her mum). My Mum kept saying it's awfy loud in loud. It reminded me of the days, when I went to Wetherspoon with my Gran for dinner and my Gran would say "it's loud". It's a pub, pubs get loud with lots of people haha. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wetherspoon Steak Club | BBQ Pork Ribs

Tuesday is my favourite day at Wetherspoon, steak night. If you haven't heard of Wetherspoon it's a pub in the UK. Am not really a "steak" fan, but I love BBQ ribs. Wetherspoon have different days of food club menus, Tuesday - steak club, Wednesday - chicken, Thursday - curry, Friday - fish, Sunday club - Sunday roast. Each day has a set price for meal, plus drink or alcohol.

I headed to Wetherspoon with my mum for dinner. I had BBQ pork ribs, with coleslaw, onion rings and chips and an Irn bru.