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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Tiffany & Co Eau De Parfum

Whenever I walk into the Tiffany Store I always spray the Tiffany perfume, then tell myself I have too many perfumes. I have always wanted to buy the Tiffany perfume, but I have perfumes I've bought still sealed in the packaging. My current favourite perfume, is Elizabeth and James Black. Elizabeth and James have brought out a range of perfumes, so I always buy the newest one when I fly to New York. Guilty to say they are still sealed, as I always roll back to the classic Black. 

Debenhams a department store in the UK, had VAT free on all fragrance for Black Friday. The Tiffany perfume was £72 down to £59.99. I am a true believer if you buy Tiffany, it's got to be from the Tiffany Store or their website. However at that price and Debenhams have the Tiffany Blue bag. Act like you've been to Tiffany.  

Ya'know Tiffany is worth it, as it's every girls dream. Now do I open it and use it now, save for a special day ? Special man ? Special what ?