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Friday, 18 May 2018

Things I Noticed About Australia

Hi everyone I have been over in Australia the past month, so I thought it would be fun to share things I noticed that were different. I was having this conversation with Australian Cousin's things you think is common, it's actually different and you don't realise till you visit another country.  

They love chicken salt, I mean on everything. When I was first asked if I wanted chicken salt, I was like what is chicken salt ? But it does give chips that extra taste. 

Eating Vegemite of a spoon is a thing in Australia ( It was the first time for me - no words can describe it haha )

There's no other way to describe Australia than half American / British. I saw every American sweets imaginable, but I also saw British sweets. They have Rolo in a bar. They even have M&M bars. To me M&M's should be in a bag, we only get bags on M&M's - not bars.    

McDonalds is called "Maccas" and they have McCafe. McCafe has toastie's, cheesecakes, you name it.

Street art is a thing. (Hosier Lane, Melbourne) 

You can swing on trees in Spring Brook National Park.