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Friday, 9 February 2018

My First Tea Reading Experience

If you asked me to go to a psychic person, I'd have laughed. I started to joke telling my friends I need to go to a psychic, to get a reading and find out what's going on with my life. Then a friend told me about the psychic cafe, where you get tea, coffee or hot chocolate and cake and a tea reading for £13.50. I've heard people pay £30-£50 for a reading, which I thought is a lot not known what you'll be told. Once my Auntie went to get a reading and was told she had a grandchild on the way, which was true. However she was told it was going to be a boy and it was a girl. I thought to myself you can pay £13.50 alone for a drink and cake, so it would be a good laugh to find out what they had to say about me.    

I headed along to the psychic cafe in West Lothian, called Little Whispers. They asked what I wanted to drink and which cake. I don't like tea or coffee, so I choose the hot chocolate and the chocolate cake. I drunk the hot chocolate  and started thinking what leaves do they read ? Have I swallowed them haha. Once I finished the hot chocolate and cake, the woman came along to do my reading. She kept looking into the mug, telling me things. 

I was surprised how many things she said, that was accurate. I don't want to go into detail about things she said and certain things she said, I can't share with the internet. Some things she said was funny. 

She kept saying all she saw was love hearts, coming from the mug. She said keep note of that there's something happening very soon.

And she said I was going to get a promotion or go higher in my job. I replied no. She goes oh it's not the job you're in, it's something else - I replied oh it must be my blog haha.