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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Birchbox New York Haul

Birchbox is known for their monthly subscription box. I have always wanted to sign up, but I think like "what if I don't like the colour I get?" "What if the product isn't me?". I read online there's a Birchbox store in SoHo, so when I went to New York I visited the Birchbox store. I walked in and there was different brand products and up the back of the store was a build your own box. I really liked the thought of the build your own box, however most of the products were from England. It kind of ruined the point, I've came from the UK to bring UK products back home. In the end I opted for the pre boxed brand boxes.

the best lips forward kit:

KMC Beauty : All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask
Stilla : Stay all day Liquid Lipstick In Patina 
M.A.C Cosmetics : Lipglass In Candy Yum-Yum
ModelCo : Lip Enhancer Illustration Lip Liner
Benefit Cosmetics : They're Real Double The Lip In Lusty Rose
Smith & Cult : The Shinning Lip Lacquer In Flesh Riot
Lord & Berry : 20100 Maximate Crayon Lipstick pencil In Black Red

Benefit Beauty Besties Kit :  

Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder
Roller Lash Super-Curling Mascara 
Lollibalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm

The pre boxed boxes is a good way to sample Birchbox and you can see what is in the box. I have always wanted to try the Benefit hoola bronzing powder, so I can't wait to try it. They are perfect travel size, especially as am heading to Australia

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

5 Reasons To Go To New York In January

My favourite thing to do in January, is to head to New York City. I have made a huge decision not to go this year, because am hoping to save and go somewhere different for my birthday. (and I've found a cheap flight to Paris, next next). I've decided to share with you my 5 reasons why to go to New York, in January.

Cheaper to travel January 

I find January is the cheapest month to visit New York. I always book as a package holiday and it's almost half the price, what I've seen the rest of the year. I went to New York in October and shared a room with my Cousin. I paid the exact same price sharing a room in October, to having my own hotel room in January.

 Christmas Decorations 

Going to New York in January is like doing Christmas back to front. I love spending my first night in New York, seeing the Christmas decorations. I tend to go the week after new year and usually that weekend I've watched the Rockerfeller Christmas tree come down.


My favourite thing in New York, is shopping and America go big on their sales. The first time I visited New York, was February 2013. I spent $450 in Victoria's Secret. I have visited New York the last few January's and get just as much stuff, in the Victoria's Secret sale and only spend around $130.


Central Park always looks so pretty, in winter photos. It's a nice experience to walk in Central Park in the snow, but my hands were so cold to take loads of photos. 

Frozen Fountain at Bryant Park 

I heard about the frozen fountain, in Bryant Park on the news. It was so cold last January, so I had a feeling it was going to be frozen. I took a walk down to Bryant Park and it was amazing, to see the fountain frozen in person.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

NYX Haul

I am still stuck saying "NYX", as in letters. Once I assume how to pronounce something, there's no way out. I watched a YouTube video a while ago and someone said it's pronounced "nix". Here I am still saying "NYX". Scotland has a small section of NYX in drugstores, so it always amazes me seeing the lip bar in a NYX store. You don't realise how many different things a brand has, till you see a store.   

While visiting New York, I stopped at NYX in Union Square. I always go straight to the lip bar to check out the newest range, then look at what makeup I've not seen before. I wandered round picking up a few products from the lip bar and and an eyeshadow pallet. I then headed to the till not thinking how much I'd spent and it came to $73. He said it came up on the screen I spent $70, so I was entitled to free makeup. I expected him to give a sample size, so I was surprised when he came back with an eyeshadow pallet, the wonder stick and an Illuminating stick, which come to $39 alone.    

Products : 

Lip cream Metals : Elite
Lip cream Metals : Crystalized Metal
Liquid Suede Metallic Matte : Exposed 
New York Lip, Eye, Face Collection
In your element Metal Palette 

Free Products :

Strobe Of Genius Illuminating Palette
Illuminating Stick : Chardonnay Shimmer
Wonder Stick : Light / Medium

Thursday, 16 November 2017

4 Days Of Outfits In New York

Sometimes with the New York weather you don't know how to dress. It can be so humid and hot. This time I was over in New York, in October. I brought my bomber jacket, thinking I'd need to wear it with the Autum (Fall) Season. I was surprised how humid it was when I arrived, so am going to share my outfits I wore over the 4 days.

Victoria's Secret Angel grey top
Forever 21 denim leggings
Nike trainers 
Dorothy Perkins bag

River Island bomber jacket
Victoria's Secret - Messy hair don't care pink top
Florence & Fred black leggings
Nike trainers
Dorothy Perkins bag

H&M glitter dress
Cream Tom shoes

River Island bomber jacket 
Victoria's Secret - Its all about the gym top
Florence & Fred black leggings
Nike trainers 
Dorothy Perkins bag

River Island bomber jacket
River Island top - If the love doesn't feel like the 90's R&B I don't want it
Forever 21 red leggings
Nike trainers
Dorothy Perkins bag

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Governors Island

If you're ever looking for something new to see in New York, head over to New York Cliche. Mary Lane lives in New York and she posts about her everyday life, in New York City. Follow her on twitter, she posts some of her funny happenings in the crazy City, of New York. She's so friendly, so give her a follow on twitter and you can tell her you found her through me haha. I first heard of Governors Island over on New York Cliche. Mary posted a blog post about Governors Island open for the Season. I looked on the Governors Island website and it showed it was open till the end of October. 

I love the atmosphere of Times Square at night, so I've always stayed in the Times Square district. It also means when I go downtown, I try squeeze in as many things as I can. I already planned to see Glossier Showroom and Dumbo, over in Brooklyn. So I planned Governors Island as an extra if I had time to fit it in.

I headed towards Battery Park and looked on Google maps, to see exactly where the Governors Island ferry terminal was. It showed 7 minutes walk and last ferry was leaving in 20 minutes. I thought let's do this. It was closing for the season and I'd never been to Governors Island.

There was only about 10 people on the ferry heading over, so it was like an escape from Manhattan. I didn't know what to expect on Governors Island, except seeing the fun summer photos on New York Cliche.

The first thing I noticed was how welcoming everyone was on the Island. I headed around the lanes. People were going by in golf buggies and waving. The workers were walking by saying hi. How was I still in New York ? Everyone seemed so friendly. I stopped and took photos of the views and the American buildings.  

It was a fun, yet brief visit to Governors Island and it only costs $2 on the ferry. I even met a few workers from the Island, asking to shake my hand haha.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

DUMBO Brooklyn

The great thing about Instagram is seeing photos, within the same interest as you. I kept seeing photos of a New York street, looking onto the Manhattan Bridge. It just makes you want to say wow. The location on the photo had DUMBO Brooklyn. I have walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and turned back, just to sat I'd been. 

As I like to plan my routes around New York, I always look at Google map and think what works best. I always, always walk Manhattan. Can you believe I've been to New York 6 times and never been on a tour bus ?. Walking is the best way, to take in the New York atmosphere. I feel like taking a bus, you're missing out on half the City. I've walked from Times Square to Brooklyn and it's honestly the best way to see New York. 

I headed down Manhattan making a stop at Glossier Showroom (worth a visit, if you like makeup and skincare). Then I made my way following the signs, to the Brooklyn Bridge. For the first time I was able to say "I've been to Brooklyn". Last time I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, to say I'd done it. 

I found my way to the famous street (Washington Street) at the sea front of DUMBO. It looks just as amazing in person, as it does in photos. The street itself, is like a tourist invasion. You have to become a professional at moving your camera at the right angle, not getting people walking into the photo. I do pity the New Yorkers, who have to drive up and down. I watched cars toot their horns, trying to drive by. So if you plan on visiting DUMBO, please be aware it's a public street.   

DUMBO is short for - Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Glossier Showroom

Glossier Showroom was top of my list of things to visit, on my trip to New York. People would ask what I wanted to see this time and I'd reply, Glossier Showroom. There's so much hype about it online, but no one I mentioned Glossier Showroom to had even heard of it. 

Glossier is a skin care and makeup brand, started up by Emily Weiss. Before Glossier Emily Weiss founded the beauty blog - In To The Gloss. Glossier have opened a Showroom in New York. The Showroom is the only place you can buy Glossier products for now, besides the Glossier website. At first when I read Showroom I thought it was by invite only. I read about the Showroom online and sounded different, so I knew my next trip to New York I had to stop by. 

As you all know I was over in New York, so I definitely didn't let Glossier Showroom go a miss. I headed down to Soho, to Lafayette Street where Glossier Showroom is. I remember turning the corner and spotting the banner going down the building "Glossier" and feeling that excitement. I'd waited so long on this. 

I was greeted by a girl asking if I was there to see the Showroom and directed me. I headed for the lift to the fourth floor (the penthouse).

The lift opened walking into the Showroom. I spotted the famous instagram shots people had taken and it was exactly how I imagined. I took a walk around and the workers were so chilled out. People were taking photos and videoing. I absolutely hate going in shops and the workers are constantly coming up behind you asking if you are finding everything, when you are just looking. There was a worker who stood back and staff at the tills, at the back of the Showroom. It was actually nice getting to look around, seeing what Glossier had and no one bothering you.

I then headed and picked up an order form, from the corner of the room. There was too many nice things to choose from. I said to myself I'd only buy two or three things. I ended up walking back around the Showroom and putting a cross beside all the things I thought I'd like. Sometimes it's ok to spend money, it's not like I can just go to Glossier Showroom everyday. When I went to pay, it came to $125. 

Glossier Showroom is worth a visit, if you're in New York. I love that Glossier Showroom is photo and Instagram friendly. In the modern world, everyone is taking photos and it's free advertising for Glossier - so it's a win win for Glossier.  I'll be doing a Glossier haul, showing you what I bought. I can't even remember all the things I picked myself, so it will be fun to see what I picked.