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Saturday, 9 September 2017

MINI Photo Shoot | Circus Lane

Who else loves photographing their car ? I used to love driving my old MINI to Queensferry and taking photos of it, with the Forth bridges in the background. 

As you may already know, I got a new car (MINI ). I love discovering new places and discovered Circus Lane, while searching Instagam. Circus Lane is in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh and it's the prettiest street I've seen.

To mark MINI's first photo shoot, I drove my car to Circus Lane.   

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

MINI Referral Gift | Review

I recently bought a MINI at Eastern MINI (read about it here). I have so much love for MINI, that whenever my dad traded in his car I'd tell him to get a MINI. It was only after I bought my MINI, my dad had his mind set on a MINI. 

My mum can't drive, but it won't stop her asking for random stuff from a car garage. My dad got his last car from Seat. My mum liked the Seat umbrella on display in the showroom, so she told the salesman my dad wasn't buying the car unless she got that umbrella. Surprisingly the salesman gave the umbrella in with the car. 

We managed to talk my dad around getting a MINI, so we headed along to Eastern MINI. My dad picked between two ex demo MINI Countryman, a silver or dark grey. My mum said she'd ask what I get for recommending my dad MINI and hinted MINI car mats, as the universal ones we bought don't sit right. The salesman said he'd see what he could do and would get "something special to go with my MINI". One of the times my parents came back from MINI they mentioned the salesman said a tank of petrol. When my dad collected his car, he came in saying the salesman said he's ordered a "special MINI cushion" coming Germany. My thoughts were I saw a nice furry soft MINI shape cushion in a supermarket for £6. I thought a cushion isn't exactly special, but any how we could only wait to see this "special cushion" all the way from Germany.

A couple weeks after my dad got his car, he headed to MINI to order car mats for his car and ask if the cushion had arrived. The salesman said it's been ordered, so it's still on its way. It only takes a week for me to send things to my friends in America, in that time my cushion must have flown around the world a few times.

It's been 2 months since my dad got his car, so I went on the Eastern MINI Facebook page and commented - I'll be trading in my 17 plate and still no gift for recommending my dad. The following day the salesman emailed saying he txt my dad the week before to let him know it arrived. So I phoned my dad to ask if he got a txt from MINI, to which he said no. I went to my parents house and had a look throug my dads phone and there was no txt or email. My mum said let's go along for the cushion then.  

We headed along to MINI to pick up the cushion and I waited outside in the car, while my mum ran in. When my mum came out, she was waving it in her hand making a face. I laughed so much at how ridiculous it looked.

It was a drop from car mats, to a tank of petrol, to get a knitted car not much bigger than a McDonald's toy.  

I always thought MINI had a standard for their cars and merchandise. How can a supermarket sell a nicer, better shape MINI than MINI ?. 

Where do I begin ? It's knitted, do I look that fuddy duddy ? MINI cars are modern and stylish, now we've went old fashioned. Secondly it's very badly shaped. I have bought MINI hats and other merchandise in the past and they were always to a high standard. Lastly why did it take two months coming from Germany ?. Do MINI have a granny in Germany and I was waiting on Granny MINI knitting it ?.

      As much as I love MINI cars, MINI have downgraded themselves to think it's acceptable to give this. It's like giving your friend a McDonald's toy, as a gift. I know it was free, my point is you don't give someone something that looks awful.