Hi my name's Danielle, nice to meet you ! Am from Edinburgh in Scotland and have lived in Edinburgh all my life. I started this blog aftee reading other blogs and thought hey it will be fun to share my thoughts.

I think am quite a friendly person and am pretty good at remembering people. I once met a girl called  Sarah from Pennsylvania in the USA, when I was 10 and lost contact with her. I searched for years online for her and found a people search website, which limits the search results searching by the persons date of birth. I got an address and wrote and letter and Sarah contacted me saying it's her. We've been back in contact for over a year now.

I love social media and google is an amazing thing, for picking up words you search. I once googled my family and came across a story mentioning names of people I've heard of. I clicked the contacted page and emailed the person saying I think we are related ? I got an email back asking who am related to and she said my great great and her nan were cousins. So we are 4th or 5th cousins ? 

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  1. Danielle God bless you and your wonderful positive energy on this website! You are becoming a major celebrity in America !!


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