Monday, 5 December 2016

Edinburgh Christmas 2016

My mum wanted to go and get tickets at Edinburgh playhouse to see Mamma Mia, so we headed into town. Then we went to look at the Christmas market. 

We stopped of for a quick McDonalds before heading to the Christmas market. How amazing are the Christmas cheese dippers ? I love those ! I had the Christmas cheese dippers, chips and an irn bru. I said to my mum "it feels weird looking out onto Edinburgh, compare to McDonald's Times Square view". My mum goes "this is our Times Square" haha.

Now time for some photos of Edinburgh Christmas :

The chocolate and marshmallow waffle tastes amazing ! I've tried toasting waffles and melting chocolate, with marshmallows and never tasted as good as these at the Christmas market.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Wetherspoon Christmas Dinner 2016

I went along to Wetherspoon with David from my work and the Christmas menu had started already !!! I said to David we should get something from the Christmas menu and pretend it's Christmas, but no he was a huge disappointment saying he didn't like the things in the menu. He's a more fussy eater than me !!! Oh and to add to it, he was saying he can't have certain meals because the amount of calories stated. I said so you can't have a dessert then !!! Everyone knows David loves his chocolate cakes.

I did think the Wetherspoon Christmas menu is abit disappointing this year. There's no proper Christmas dinner, like they have done in the past. They have a turkey pie or vegetarian wellington with drink for £7.25, Christmas deli panini or wraps with a drink for £4.49 or Christmas burgers with drink for £7.25.

I went for the brie and cranberry vegetable burger, which comes with chips and onion rings and an irn bru for the drink.
And for dessert I went for the milk chocolate honeycomb cheesecake. The Christmas desserts are £3.50, but you can mix the desserts from the normal menu for the 2 for £5.

David was boring went for fish. His dessert was the chocolate brownie. 

David doesn't understand what it's like to be a blogger, he threw the napkin over my dessert when I was trying to take the photo !

The Christmas menu was nice, but don't go expecting the usual traditional menu.

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Interior bedroom ideas

I bought a 2 bedroom house 3 years ago and have done nothing to the spare bedroom. I wanted a 2 bedroom house, thinking ahead for when I have kids. At this rate, I may have to change it into a makeup room haha.

The carpet is kind of new. I bought the carpet when I bought the house, but I never go in the bedroom.

Any ideas what I should do to the room ?

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