Tuesday, 2 January 2018

5 Reasons To Go To New York In January

My favourite thing to do in January, is to head to New York City. I have made a huge decision not to go this year, because am hoping to save and go somewhere different for my birthday. (and I've found a cheap flight to Paris, next next). I've decided to share with you my 5 reasons why to go to New York, in January.

Cheaper to travel January 

I find January is the cheapest month to visit New York. I always book as a package holiday and it's almost half the price, what I've seen the rest of the year. I went to New York in October and shared a room with my Cousin. I paid the exact same price sharing a room in October, to having my own hotel room in January.

 Christmas Decorations 

Going to New York in January is like doing Christmas back to front. I love spending my first night in New York, seeing the Christmas decorations. I tend to go the week after new year and usually that weekend I've watched the Rockerfeller Christmas tree come down.


My favourite thing in New York, is shopping and America go big on their sales. The first time I visited New York, was February 2013. I spent $450 in Victoria's Secret. I have visited New York the last few January's and get just as much stuff, in the Victoria's Secret sale and only spend around $130.


Central Park always looks so pretty, in winter photos. It's a nice experience to walk in Central Park in the snow, but my hands were so cold to take loads of photos. 

Frozen Fountain at Bryant Park 

I heard about the frozen fountain, in Bryant Park on the news. It was so cold last January, so I had a feeling it was going to be frozen. I took a walk down to Bryant Park and it was amazing, to see the fountain frozen in person.

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