Tuesday, 17 July 2018

New York Minute | Melbourne

I wrote up a list of ideas of things I wanted to do and see, while visiting Australia. New York Minute made the list, all in the name of New YorkI looked at the menu online, before heading to Australia so I knew I was going to go for the Philly cheesesteak and a milkshake. 

On the first day arriving in Melbourne I used google maps to find New York Minute Burger. It didn't stand out, in fact google maps was sending me past it haha. I headed in and looked at he menu, to double check the Philly cheesesteak was on the menu. I asked for Philly cheesesteak, chips and a caramel milkshake.   

It was nice and it must have looked good, as a few people stopped and asked where the place is. The only thing I'd say it's not exactly a takeaway if you are in a hurry. I noticed a lot of places in Australia, it's 1 person running the place. The woman charged for it, then she said "ill just go and make your food and milkshake now". At least you know it's freshly made, but it's not good if you are in a hurry.  

Monday, 16 July 2018

What's In My Makeup Bag | Australia Holiday

When you are away for so long, it's all about swapping around to look different each day. I was always swapping around my shorts, with different tops. I shared how I styled my outfits in Australia, which you can see by clicking the link (click here). That's exactly what I was doing, with my lipsticks and eye makeup.  

I thought it would be fun to show you, what makeup I brought with me. I did a similar post a while back (what's in my handbag), when I headed to New York. The makeup bag is from Matalan, but I bought it last year. 

Products :      
Glossier : Priming moisturizer
Mac Cosmetics : Studio fix foundation
Bobbi Brown : Foundation stick
Make Up For Ever : Aqua eye pencil
Tarte : Drink of H20
Maybelline: Strobing stick
Milk Makeup : Glitter stick
Milk Makeup : highlighter
Mac Cosmetics: Upward lash mascara 
Glossier : Lidstar - Cub
Glossier : Lidstar - Moon
Mac Cosmetics : Eyeshadow - Delicate drift
Mac Cosmetics : Holiday Crush
Stilla : Stay all day lipstick - Patina
Barry M : Lipstick - 146
Evian facial spray 

Sunday, 15 July 2018

24 Outfits

 I have a list of ideas of things to write about from Australia, so be prepared for a series of Australian - ness. I didn't have enough shorts to last me 3 weeks in Australia, never mind underwear haha. So I bought some new clothes for going on holiday, which you can see what I bought by clicking the link (click here).

Am going to share the outfits, I wore over the 3 week in Australia. (It was actually 3 and a half weeks, if you include the travel time). I thought the Sunday top was funny and perfect to wear for traveling, as I left Scotland on Sunday night and arrived in Australia on Tuesday. I mostly wore my Nike trainers, as they are quicker to walk in. On the rare occasions I wore sandals or flip flops, so there's no point saying what was on my feet. 

Day 1 (Traveling day)
Sunday top - Boohoo
I was wearing blue leggings from Forever 21, but I don't seem to have a photo wearing them.
Tiara - Amazon

Day 2
Addias black top - JD Sports
Black leggings - F&F Tesco
Tiara - Amazon
Personalised sash - am not sure where my mum got it

Day 3 
I made it in New York top - Victoria's Secret 
Nike quarter length trousers - Nike Store
Backpack - Boohoo

Day 4
New York Knicks top - Madison Square Garden Shop
Nike black quarter length trousers - Nike Store
Backpack - Boohoo

Day 5
Full Time Blogger top - Next
Nike black quarter length trousers - Nike Store
Backpack - Boohoo
Bracelet - Nomination and Tiffany & Co

Day 6
Mon Cheri top - Boohoo
Denim skirt - River Island
Rayban sunglasses - my mum bought me them years ago.

Day 7
Nike grey top - Nike Store
Nike black quarter length trousers
Black bomber jacket - River Island 
Bracelet - Tiffany & Co

Day 8
Green dress - H&M
Black bomber jacket - River Island
Bracelet - Nomination 

Day 9
Maroon/grey top - Pink Victoria's Secret 
Black leggings - F&F Tesco
Bag - Kate Spade
Bracelet - Nomination 

Day 10 
Maroon/white top - H&M
Black leggings - F&F Tesco 

Day 11
White slogan top - River Island 
Black Nike shorts - JD Sports
Denim shorts - Top Shop

Day 12 
Peach strap top - H&M
Nike peach shorts - JD Sports
Black bomber jacket - River Island

Day 13
Black top - River Island 
Spotted shorts - Boohoo
Backpack - Boohoo
Rayban sunglasses 
Luna Park wristband 

Day 14
Grey jumper - Hollister
Denim skirt - River Island 
Backpack - Boohoo
Rayban sunglasses 

Day 15
White top - River Island
Peach Nike shorts  JD Sports
Backpack - Boohoo

Day 16 
Nike grey top - Nike Store 
Nike black quarter length trousers - Nike Store
Black bomber jacket - River Island 
Bag - Kate Spade 
And a few shopping bags from the airport.

Day 17
Pink top - Victoria's Secret 
Nike black shorts - JD Sports
Backpack - Boohoo
Rayban sunglasses 

Day 18
Nike black top - Nike Store
Nike Black shorts - JD Sports
Bracelet - Tiffany & Co

Day 19
Dress - Primark 
Sandals - Primark 
Rayban sunglasses 
Bag - Michael Kors

Day 20
White top - River Island 
Spotted shorts - Boohoo
Black bomber jacket - River Island
Rayban sunglasses 
Bracelet - Nomination 

Day 21
Green dress - H&M
Rayban sunglasses 
Bag - Michael Kors

Day 22
Nike black top - JDSports
Nike black shorts - JD Sports
Bag - Michael Kors

Day 23 
Black velvet top - Hollister
Nike peach shorts - JD Sports
Bracelet - Nomination & Tiffany & Co

Day 24 (Traveling day)
Reebok black top - Reebok Store
Black leggings - F&F Tesco
Bracelet - Tiffany & Co

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sterling Mills Outlet Haul

I've wanted to visit Sterling Mills Outlet in forever, so I finally got to go. Let's say it's not the biggest outlet I've seen, but it's different. I was most looking forward to seeing the Beauty Outlet. I visited the Beauty Outlet at Gretna Gateway. There's soo much makeup and skincare products I have not seen in shops before.  Incase you're wondering where Sterling Mills Outlet is, it's in Tillicoultry, Scotland.  

Products : 

Nike grey jumper

Addias grey joggers

Beauty Outlet
Skin Academy peel off mask 
Danielle creations brightening face sheet mask
Danielle creations purifying face sheet mask
Essie Spa exfoliating hand scrub
Maybelline baby lips sugar cookie
Maybelline master glaze blush
W7 Holographic lipgloss 
E.L.F lip balm tint : peach
E.L.F lip & cheek duo stix : pink  

I spent £76 at Sterling Mills Outlet, which is quite good for everything I got.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Glitter Tyres

Every girl loves glitter. I've been dying to try the glitter tyres everyone has being doing online, but I've held of since it's non-permanent. Now that summer is here, it's the perfect opportunity to make my car look abit bling haha. 

I picked up a glitter car spray from Halfords

I washed the car and tyres, then let it dry.  Then sprayed away with the glitter. 

The results :  

I have had the glitter on the tyres for around a month now. The glitter has lasted really well, but it's starting to come of around the edging on the front tyres.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Neighbours Tour

I could think of a million things to do on my birthday, like shopping. Am sure everyone has heard of Neighbours, that cheesy theme song "everyone needs good neighbours". Neighbours is a tv show filmed in Melbourne, Australia. My Mother is mad on neighbours and seemed to think of herself on my birthday. She booked for us to go to the Neighbours Tour, known I have never watched Neighbours in my life. My birthday is the same date every year and I had other plans.  Anyway let's get on and I'll share my review of the tour from not fan side. 

We arrived in Melbourne (on my birthday) and the tour started at Flinders Street, at 10am. The tour guide shouted who's excited to start the tour put yours hands up. I kept my hand down and the tour guide looked. I said I got made to and I've have never watched Neighbours in my life. 

Then we all had to get on a geeky designed Neighbours bus. It had the word "Neighbours in big writhing across the bus, so everyone would know you were on the Neighbors tour. The tour guide started shouting questions and everyone was screaming the answers. I was the one person sitting looking  confused, as none of the names or anything they shout meant anything to me. On the drive to set they played the cheesy theme song "everyone needs good neighbors" and the tour guide was asking everyone which Neighbours star you'd meet at the end of the tour. The only I knew that was on Neighbors was Kylie Minogue, but I knew she was too famous to be doing Neighbours tour greets haha. I knew of Holly Valance, only because her song "Kiss Kiss", not through Neighbours. I sat and listened to everyone shouting out names of cast they hoped to meet. 

We arrived at Nunawading Studios and the set is soo small, that the road just goes round in a square. Then we were told, we could get of the bus and pose for photos beside features used in Neighbours. I decided to play along to the photo part and pose beside random features. The one thing I noticed no one seemed in a hurry to pose for their photo beside features. The tour guide would say look out for cast coming and leaving, so every time someone was walking near he'd shout "oh oh who's this coming" and everyone was too busy looking at the person coming in and out of the building. Then there was me on my own, no queue posing for photos at random things.     

We then had to get back on the tour bus and we drove to the famous "Ramsay Street". It's actually a street called Pine Oak Court and we were given a fake street sign saying Ramsay Street to take photos.

At the end of the tour we were driven back to Flinders Street, where we met a past cast Libby Kennedy, played by Kym Valentine. Kym was nice - she said happy birthday give me a hug - so there we were strangers hugging haha. 

I am sure if you're a Neighbours fan you'd have even more fun, however being pointed to "the school", "bla bla's house" or the other props, it didn't mean anything to me. 

Sunday, 20 May 2018

How I Met My Australian Family Online

I remember growing up seeing my Mums side of the family all the time. I saw my Dads side of the family maybe a handful of times, but that's just how it went. 

One day I was googling the house that was in my Dads side of the family for years. I came across a story online called "About My Nan, as she told it". I quickly scrolled through the story to see how google picked up this story on my search words. We had soo much in common, her family lived in the same house, they were related to the movie star Hugh McDermott, they mentioned names I'd heard mentioned. I was curious, but at the same time I didn't know how they'd react to me contacting them. I clicked on the contact section and sent a message saying "I think we might be related". Within a few hours I got a reply from a Kirsty and we were discussing who were related to. It turned out Kirsty's Nan and my great Gran were first Cousin's.

Kirsty lives in Australia and I live in Edinburgh, so we stayed in contact on Facebook. The second I knew I was going to Australia, I messaged Kirsty and we were discussing meeting.

Kirsty messaged saying she'd meet us at the Gold Coast Airport. I remember stepping of the plane and walking into the airport and spotting someone who looked like the photos online, but they were looking down at their phone. I was 99% sure it was Kirsty, but at the same time I thought what if I go and it's not her. I stopped and looked directly at her and she looked up and we both smiled at each other. She came over and was like give me a hug haha. I met her family (or my family haha) and spent everyday in the Gold Coast together. 

It feels crazy to think we met online, but am glad we stumbled across each other. My family judge you, but meeting Kirsty it was different. Her whole family is funny, laid back and open with each other. We talked about everything, family, shopping and men haha.   



My Nomination Bracelet

I was given a Nomination bracelet for my birthday. The Nomination bracelet, you can add charms to it. My one has number "30" and Sydney Harbour bridge. I assume the person choose them, as I went to Australia for my birthday. 

Am one of these people who I wouldn't want to change something someone gave, I mean that's how they gave it to you. So I'll probably not add to mine.