Monday, 4 December 2017


I felt like I spent my childhood, wishing I was an adult. When it was dinner time, my dolls would get put in their high char. I always made sure my mum put abit mashed potatoes or whatever was for dinner, on my dolls plate. All I ever dreamed of, was being a mum. There's a video of me in Florida climbing a net and my Dad says to the worker "she won't go anywhere without her doll" and you see me carrying my doll "Daniella". 

Welcome to being an adult. Now I find myself excited about buying something new for my house. I still ask my Dad for help with things I need done, with my house.  

Today I had to wait in to get my washing machine fixed, after I made a huge mistake. I bought things before buying my house, as I thought I was planning ahead. The washing machine was stored in my parents garage for years, so the warranty ran out. I decided to change my washing machine, for my brand new one. It never worked. My parents told me not to phone Hotpoint, as they'll be too expensive. Most washing machine repair companies I phoned wanted £50 call-out charge, plus cost of labour and parts. I was curious what Hotpoint would charge and they quoted £120, with all parts included or £20 a month over 12 months and if the washing machine broke, you got a brand new like for like. I went with Hotpoint known the total was going to be £120. 

After waiting in today, it turned out the programe turn button was broken. The Hotpoint guy took the top of the washing machine and put a new plastic bit, on the back of the button. Welcome to being an adult, paying £120 for a plastic button back.

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