Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Things I Notice About New York

I have learned many little things, on my trips to New York City. People who have never been to New York ask me if it's really like how everyone dreams of. You know what I used to watch Hollywood movies, seeing the big shiny Hollywood sign. When I went to Hollywood for the first time, the Hollywood sign is nothing like the movies. The second time I went to Hollywood, I heard Mary-Kate and Ashley got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. I knew what to expect, as I'd been before. New York is exactly that. It's not exactly how you dream it to be, but it's what you make of it.

Here am going to share things I notice about New York :

No matter how many times you go to New York, there's always something new to see.   

It's a very multicultural City, you could easily forget you are in America. 

You spot random whacky things, when you least expect it. I mean footprints on a drain ?

New York loves public art, expect to see many art sculptures around the City.

It's acceptable to have sign signs saying "YOU'RE A FUCKING LADY" 

Don't even mention the people who hold cardboard signs in Times Square asking for money for weed haha.

Americans love Scottish people - as soon as they hear the Scottish accent they go crazy telling you, they love Scotland. You will get people telling you their distant family were from Scotland. "My Gran was from Scotland" "My Dad's cousin, her sister inlaw was from Scotland"  

The Scottish bars in New York, is nothing like a Scottish bar. They don't even have Irn Bru.  

New Yorkers can be crazy people. It's so unpredictable, what you'll see in the streets of New York. It's very common to see people have argument with themselves, in the streets of New York. I don't know how many times I've over heard people shout to their mate "you're fucking crazy man".

You can also meet overly friendly New Yorkers. I once got stopped by road workers telling me their life story. They told me they love the Scottish accent and they live on Statten Island. I think I got their life story. I was coming back from Governors Island a couple weeks ago and a guy started telling me he works on Governors Island, laying carpets. He asked where I work in New York, mate am from Scotland. Next thing, he wanted a handshake.

When you take a photo of yourself, there's always one American who comes asking if you want them to take your photo. I appreciate you offering, but I feel awkward getting a stranger to take my photo.

New Yorkers love to shout, I hear ya. 

New Yorkers know where the horn is, especially in Times Square. I hear horns in my sleep every time I go to New York.

Cars can keep driving, even though it's green for walkers. The second you arrive in New York, you get into New Yorker mode and run around cars.

There's always people dressed, as characters in Times Square. It's not Disneyland. 

Shop workers say - "the following guest over here". It must be their way they are trained. Shops in the UK, it's kind of like bla not the following guest haha. 

There might be millions of people in New York City, but the woman who works in The Row (Mary-Kate and Ashley's shop) remembers me. 

You really can bump into celebs in New York City. I've seen Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Victoria Beckam. 

Some shops in Times Square are open till 2am.

I always thought Truancy officers were part of the New York movies. It is a thing in New York. I got stopped by a truancy officer, when I was 24. I was buying a McDonald's breakfast, when I turned round the truancy officer showed me his ID asking how old I was. I guess teenagers hang at McDonald's, so he would have thought I was skiving school.   

The NYPD will happily pose for photos 

This is why I love New York City. 

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