Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dad's Taxi

I gave up my last car 5 years ago, to save for a house. The day I gave up my car, I craved to go to places that I needed I car. The second I bought my house, I couldn't just drive to IKEA, B&Q etc. I had to ask my Dad for a lift. My Dad would happily drive me to everywhere I asked or so I like to think haha. I do have to state my Dad hates Ikea with a passion and am sure all men do. He wants to get in and out of places. As you can imagine in IKEA my Dad would ask where's the exit ? Em Dad it's a walk round. I'd have food on my mind and the places I wanted to go to, you needed a car. I'd have to wait on my Dad coming in from work, "Dad drive me to Five Guys". I guess am lucky having a Dad, who is always there for me. He would always give me a lift or come and pick me up from wherever I said. 

My goal in life was to own a brand new MINI. This year I reached my goal and went and got my brand new MINI and it still feels like am living the MINI adventure. I think sometimes my Dad forgets I have a car, he'll say on the phone "do you want me to come and pick you up?". I have to laugh and say "don't you remember I have a car?". He'll usually reply "oh so you do".

It's nice being able to drive to places, I wanted to go to and not rely on my Dad for a lift. I don't travel well on buses, so having a car I've been able to go to places I've never been to before.  

Suddenly all the places I craved to go to when I didn't have a car, doesn't seem to interest me now.

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