Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Row

When you travel across the Atlantic, you least expect someone to remember you. Although saying that, my website statistics show more than half my website views come from America.

I have been a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley, since their acting years. They opened a store for their fashion brand The Row in New York City, so it was my aim to visit the store. 

I headed to New York last September and visited The Row. I looked around the store, before deciding to buy a pair of sunglasses. I remember the woman saying "the owners, own most of them" and I replied "you mean Mary-Kate and Ashley". She said "one of the Olsen's wore them yesterday", pointing to a pair". I actually headed to the store the day before, but it was shut. They had a fashion event and I ended up spotting Mary-Kate and Ashley coming out the store. So I said "oh I actually saw them yesterday". I got my phone out and looked back the photos I took of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Ashley had the same exact glasses on as the woman pointed to. I said "so she is, it's Ashley wore them. I'll have the same sun glasses as Ashley". Then the woman took me to the desk to buy them and she chatted away.

I was passing The Row store last week, so I went in. I was greeted by the same woman who served me the sunglasses. She said "hi, do you need any help ? I said "hi, am just looking" she replied "oh, hi I remember you, you're from Scotland. You visited the store when it opened and bought sunglasses. Have you worn your sunglasses" ? I replied "Scotland isn't really sunglasses weather haha". 

It was nice she remembered me, when you think how many customers have visited the store.  

My receipt I have kept, from visiting The Row.

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