Saturday, 23 September 2017

New York | October 2017

You'd think after visiting New York 5 times, the novelty would have worn off. I still get that little bit of excited, when I book. When you think New York, you think shopping, Times Square, Central Park and Kevin McCallister running alone around New York. I've felt abit like Kevin McCallister myself running around New York City. I've traveled to New York 4 times myself and once with my Mum. It can be fun on your own in New York, tourists ask you where places are. I think you look like a local, when you are on your own. I used to say "sorry am not from here", but now I happily give directions on places.  

My Cousin turns 21 next month, so we are heading to New York to celebrate her birthday. There's 4 of us (Cousins) going. I've never been a group holiday before and it's safe to say, it was stressful booking. Holiday prices go up and down all the time. When you spot a good price and check with the rest of the group, the price shoots up. Then you have to check if everyone is happy with that flight and hotel. 

This morning we finally sorted things out and got booked. I still have that same excitement, as someone going to New York for the very first time. Stay tuned for many more New York posts. 

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