Saturday, 23 September 2017

New York | October 2017

You'd think after visiting New York 5 times, the novelty would have worn off. I still get that little bit of excited, when I book. When you think New York, you think shopping, Times Square, Central Park and Kevin McCallister running alone around New York. I've felt abit like Kevin McCallister myself running around New York City. I've traveled to New York 4 times myself and once with my Mum. It can be fun on your own in New York, tourists ask you where places are. I think you look like a local, when you are on your own. I used to say "sorry am not from here", but now I happily give directions on places.  

My Cousin turns 21 next month, so we are heading to New York to celebrate her birthday. There's 4 of us (Cousins) going. I've never been a group holiday before and it's safe to say, it was stressful booking. Holiday prices go up and down all the time. When you spot a good price and check with the rest of the group, the price shoots up. Then you have to check if everyone is happy with that flight and hotel. 

This morning we finally sorted things out and got booked. I still have that same excitement, as someone going to New York for the very first time. Stay tuned for many more New York posts. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Mary-Kate and Ashley

It's fashion month happening in, New York, London, Milan and Paris. The best place to be right now for it, is none other than New York City. I happened to be in New York during fashion week last year and saw a few celebrities (Mary-Kate and Ashley and Victoria Beckham).  

I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley. I loved seeing their mary-kateandasley fashion clothing line for kids, grow into making luxury brands Elizabeth and James and The Row. Also their beauty range the mary-kateandashley brand for kids, grow into Elizabeth and James a luxury beauty range.

I always said my dream was to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley. People would tell me forget about the Olsen twins, you'll never meet them. Those people looked up to celebs who weren't my thing. 

While I was over in New York last year, I headed for a walk to The Row store, on 71st Street. I spotted black cars and a few paparazzi outside. I instantly knew Mary-Kate and Ashley was inside. I stood outside and spotted Oliver Sarkozy (Mary-Kate Olsen's husband) step outside. I thought what if I didn't recognise Mary-Kate or Ashley in person ? Ashley stepped out first and spoke to the people who attended The Row event, before heading to the car. Then Mary-Kate came out and headed straight for the car waiting. 

Photos when I saw Mary-Kate and Ashley : 

Am glad I got the chance to see Mary-Kate and Ashley in person. People would tell me to give up and stop buying their products. Now I can say I saw them, in New York. 

Don't give up your dream of bumping into your favourite celebrity, it can happen.   

Sunday, 17 September 2017


It's true what they say, friends are always there, no matter what. My friend Kirsten is only a month younger than me. When we both turned 18, she was the one person I always headed into town to clubs, in Edinburgh. You always got a laugh with Kirsten, as she was that confident person who'd speak to random guys. I don't know how many times Kirsten had us waiting on a taxi home and she'd go off chatting to randoms. I stopped going out drinking in town when I was around 19-20. I felt I had my years of partying, but I also started to drift apart from Kirsten.   

Then last year I got a friend request on Facebook from Kirsten, but a different second name. She got married. We spoke, like we'd always been friends. You'd never think 10 years went by. The chats we've had and the laughs we've had.  

I recently got invited to a Press Event, in Edinburgh and Kirsten said she'd come along with me. I agreed to drive to the event, so I went and picked Kirsten up.

We headed for dinner at Five Guys, at Fountain Park before the event. I had the veggie sandwich and vanilla milkshake. Kirsten had the beef burger and banana milkshake. 

The next part ended up being very eventful. I went to Fountain Park a couple months ago to pick up pizza at Pizza Hut and I asked the woman at Pizza Hut, if she had to validate my parking ticket. She said no it's free parking and I got out ok. So when I went to drive out, I kept putting the ticket in the machine and it wasn't letting us out (We were entitled to free parking, as we had Five Guys). I pushed the help button and suddenly the bar lifted. Kirsten said she knew a street where to park nearer, so we headed to there and the street was full. I said let's just drive back to Fountain park and walk along. So Kirsten set Google maps on her phone to back to Fountain Park. It took us a detour around Edinburgh City Centre and I ended up driving like I was in America.

Once we got back to Fountain Park, we headed to the Press Event. After the Press Event, we headed to Five Guys to get the parking ticket validated to get us out. When drove out the car park, it came up - Have a nice day. Thanks we needed that, after the stressful drive in the City Centre.

Safe to say it was my first time driving in Edinburgh City Centre, stressful, but we still managed to have a laugh. Thanks for the good night Kirsten, the laugh and all the advice you've gave this past year. It's nice known you've stayed the same person, after all these years and we can still have a laugh.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Wetherspoon | Vegetable Burger

Expect plenty of Wetherspoon meal posts on my blog, as Wetherspoon is my local place to go to. I headed to Wetherspoon with my Mum, for dinner. 

I had the vegetable burger, which comes with chips and an Irn bru. The vegetable burger isn't as nice as the vegetable burgers Wetherspoon used to do, it was abit mushy. 

I think my Mum is morphing into my Gran (her mum). My Mum kept saying it's awfy loud in loud. It reminded me of the days, when I went to Wetherspoon with my Gran for dinner and my Gran would say "it's loud". It's a pub, pubs get loud with lots of people haha. 

Saturday, 9 September 2017

MINI Photo Shoot | Circus Lane

Who else loves photographing their car ? I used to love driving my old MINI to Queensferry and taking photos of it, with the Forth bridges in the background. 

As you may already know, I got a new car (MINI ). I love discovering new places and discovered Circus Lane, while searching Instagam. Circus Lane is in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh and it's the prettiest street I've seen.

To mark MINI's first photo shoot, I drove my car to Circus Lane.   

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Top 5 places to photo in Edinburgh

I have been sightseeing Edinburgh, like a tourist so I've put together my top 5 places to photo.   


I took these photos back in April after going for a wee walk in Stockbridge. It looks so pretty in spring, with all the flowers. I can't remember the name of the street, but it's just off the main part of  Stockbridge.  

I've been to the Edinburgh Skybar a couple times now. It has the best views looking into Edinburgh Castle. I totally recommend going when it opens at 6 for photos, as after half 6 it's crowded. 

I actually discovered Circus Lane searching instagram, would you believe it ?. I thought the photos people added looked really pretty, only to discover it's my city, Edinburgh. 

You wouldn't believe Dean Village is just behind the city centre. 

My Dad took me to the Queensferry bridges viewing point, as he used to drive buses and saying he took a lot of tourists here. He said how all the Americans loved the viewing point and asked my Dad how he knew of it. I had never seen the bridge at this angle, it makes me think of Full House and the San Francisco bridge. Who else can hear the Full House song in your head ? Whatever happened to predictability. The milkman, the paperboy, evening tv ? 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Beijing Banquet | Edinburgh

I headed along with my parents to try the new Chinese restaurant opened in sighthill Edinburgh, called Beijing Banquet. It's an all you can eat Chinese restaurant, with a mix of European food aswell. I like trying different things, so I end up picking up abit of everything. I was a little excited, when I saw they sell Sunkist juice. I haven't seen Sunkist in the UK and I love drinking it, when I've been to New York. 

It costs £9.99 for lunch and £14.99 for dinner. The drinks were £2.80 for the refill. 

These are the dishes I went for : 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Queensferry Crossing Experience | Photos

So you all want to know if the Queensferry Crossing Experience was worth it ? A couple months ago I saw an advert to apply to walk across the Queensferry Crossing, Scotland's newest bridge. It was a once in a life time opportunity for 50,000 people, as there's no pedestrian access. I wasn't fussy, as a bridge is a bridge. You'll see the view when you drive over. The Queensferry Crossing actually opened for 2 days before the walk, so I've been over in a car already. I decided to apply anyway and I got an email saying I got picked. We got a personal invite in the post, alongside a lanyard and card with the details.

headed along to Aegon at Edinburgh Park, where we had to go through a security check before getting on the bus. They ask for a driving license or Passport, that matches the photo on your lanyard card photo. I showed my driving license, then got on the bus. The bus drove away with only about 20 people on, but there was plenty of buses lined up decorated with "Queensferry Crossing Experience". The lane for the Queensferry Crossing had cones blocking the lane, with a lane for the buses to go up and police standing at the entrance. It was when the bus went in the lane blocked off, it started to feel real we were one of the lucky ones picked to walk the bridge.

I got off the bus and there was a loud speaker saying "welcome to the Queensferry Crossing Experience a once in a life time opportunity". Then it was our time to start walking.  

It was a fun experience getting to walk along the road of the Queensferry Crossing, known you'll never get another chance (unless you do it illegally). I also got to try out my new camera (Canon G7)