Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Wild West Village | Edinburgh

You might have guessed I've been on holiday from work, so I've spent it acting as a tourist in my city. I think we are always working and face the same surroundings everyday, we take for granted where we live. 

I've been taking tips from Stine (thatscottishnorwegiangirl) on places in Edinburgh to visit. Stine told me about the Wild West Village, in Morningside. I searched it online and it's a hidden street designed in the 90's like the Wild West.

I headed along to see the Wild West Village, on Spring Valley Gardens. The street was packed with cars, but lucky I went on Sunday when all the garages in the alley are closed. I drove in the lane, where the Wild West Village is and parked up the top of the alley.

It looked like an old American Wild West film set, to think its hidden in Edinburgh. 

Thanks Stine for telling me about this, where have I to go next ? Haha 

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  1. That's really interesting! I never knew it existed!