Monday, 14 August 2017

My New Car | MINI

My dream car has always been a MINI. They are cute, modern and I love the stylish shape. When I was learning to drive I bought my first MINI, but I made the decision to sell it when I bought my house. 

My goal was to one day own a brand new MINI. When the 17 plate came out, I headed along to Eastern MINI to look at MINI's. The salesman I got was really good. I said I want a MINI One and he went over, seating and colours etc.

After a month waiting I was able to pick up my dream car, a brand new 17 plate MINI. Am sure you'll see a lot more blog posts of my new car and MINI adventures.  


  1. Congratulations for her new audi a4 san antonio car. Best pictures of car. Thanks for the post.

  2. Nice choice. The interior and comfort of the car is great as i had one earlier.Give regular service to Mini Cooper Greensboro NC so to maintain the engine and body of your car.