Thursday, 24 August 2017

How I paid off my car

My dream was always to own a brand new car, but I didn't want to be in debt or struggle with money. I told myself once I paid of a certain amount of my mortgage, I could save for my dream car.

I bought my dream car (read about it here) and it's paid of. I've had people ask me how I afford a brand new car, it's like yea my car is doing fine thanks. There's no easy explanation, but save, save and save. When I saved for a deposit for my mortgage I learnt about expanding your money. So going to share with you, ways to expand your money.

It pays to save - When I was saving for a deposit for my house, at one point I was earning £40 a month interest from the bank. Although the bank interest rates are no where near as good, as when I saved for a deposit for my house. 

Shop with Quidco - Shopping with quidco, you get a percent cash back when you shop using the link through the Quidco website. Sometimes it can take a while to get paid, but it's a nice surprise when you forget about it. So far I've made a total of £527.04 shopping through Quidco.

Get a contract - Sometimes it's cheaper to be tied in a contract. As much as I hate the thought of being tied down, companies like that as it's promising them customers for longer. I was paying £18 a month for my BT broadband and decided to change provider, as it was getting dearer. I phoned BT to tell them I want to cancel my broadband and the sales person told me if you get a 12 month contract they do deals, depending on what the deal is at the time.  Now I phone every year before my contract ends and pay £13 a month. 

Cancelling your account - I pay my home insurance through my bank and the price has jumped up by £100 per year. I decided to phone to cancel the insurance and look elsewhere. They asked why I wanted to cancel and they offered me a cheaper price. Am not saying it always works to tell the company you want to leave, but am surprised companies do this. 

I hope you find these money saving tips helpful. 

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