Saturday, 12 August 2017

Dean Village

Stine over at thatscottishnorwegiangirl posted a photo of a waterfall and tagged Dean Village. It looked so pretty, so I had to ask her where it is in Dean Village. Dean Village is a little peaceful Village, behind the city centre of Edinburgh

I headed for a walk to discover Dean Village, after Stine told me where the waterfall is. I entered Dean Village into google map and followed the route, down the little path to the famous Dean Village scene, from photos online. Then followed the foot path, further along to the waterfall.

 I felt guilty, as tourists were stopping me asking where paths were to bla bla. I kept saying "sorry am not from here". They must have thought, but she has an Edinburgh accent ?. The truth is I had never been Dean Village, so I didn't know the area myself. 

Who wants to tour Edinburgh with me ?