Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Circus Lane | Edinburgh

I was browsing instagram searching Edinburgh and came across the hashtag "Circus Lane", with over 2000 hashtags. I thought to myself how have I not heard of this street ?. It looked like a street, belonging in the quiet countryside or a movie set, not a street in the city of Edinburgh.

I headed along to try and find the street and yes I was guilty, "am from Edinburgh and used google maps to find the street". It took around 5 minutes walking to Circus Lane in Stockbridge, from Princes Street. 

I arrived at Circus Lane on the cobbled road and you know when you think this doesn't look like photos I've seen ?. That's exactly what I was thinking. The street is on a round bend, but once I walked round the corner I spotted the famous scenery. 

My thoughts are do all the neighbours take care of the land or does a company do it to look good for the tourists, because my neighbours can't agree on helping with the garden haha.

Location : Circus Lane Stockbridge, Edinburgh 

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