Friday, 7 July 2017

BRICKLIVE | Glasgow 2017

Sometimes it's hard to keep everyone happy. David loves Lego and says I show no interest in what he likes. I have never owned a Lego set, but I do want to buy the New York Lego set "because it's name sake". The truth is am not very good at following instructions, I'd give up after the first peice and have to ask David to come and buid it. 
When I saw an advert for BRICKLIVE I said "why don't we go to that?" And he's agreed to go.
Brick is a term used by Lego people for their "plastic bricks". I always associated bricks for building houses, but I learnt from David when he talked of his plastic bricks. BRICKLIVE is a Lego Event day and there's one in Scotland at the Secc in Glasgow :
The dates are :
Thursday 20th July
Friday 21st July 
Saturday 22nd July
Sunday 23rd July
Tickets cost £21.75 

We will be there on the Sunday !
Am most nervous about loosing David in the Lego pit, or at the stalls. David is the biggest kid.  
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