Friday, 24 March 2017

Chasing Dreams

Over the last few years I've realised you have to chase your dreams, to make things happen. I've achieved soo many things, I never imagined. I bought my own house, went on holiday on my own to New York (I never imagined myself going on holiday, on my own) and I saw Mary-Kate and Ashley in New York. I used to say my dream was to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, never did I imagine I'd actually bump into them in New York.

A lot of people dream of having big fancy cars, but my dream car is a MINI. I used to drive a second hand 3 years old electric blue MINI, then I sold it when I bought my house. I always said, my dream was to own a brand new MINI.

The brand new 17 plate, just came out. I woke up one day thinking I want my brand new MINI. So I phoned my Dad and said I need a lift to MINI. I ordered my MINI, then my Dad said he thought I was joking about actually getting a car haha.

Am so excited am getting a brand new MINI !!!!!!
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