Thursday, 23 February 2017

Things guys shouldn't say

We live in a world, where we are judged by whatever we do. It's become acceptable to go through a lot of girlfriends/boyfriends. I follow the Duggar family online and there's always people leaving negative comments. They met someone and months down the line, they married. Jessa (was Duggar) Seawald is an inspiration that you can find that one guy to spend your life with. I love following Jessa Seawald's life on her blog. 

I have met a few guys who have said they are interested in me, yet talk of girls from the past. My parents met really young. When I grew up my parents never once talked of anyone from their past, so why would you want to meet someone who talks of people from their past?. 

It would be nice to meet someone who hasn't had like a million people before you haha, but in the modern world we live in things are different.  

There's been situations I've felt awkward, so these are things guys shouldn't say to girls.

Naming your ex girlfriend - If you name a girl from your past, it will make us want to search her online. People say it's insecurity if you want to search someone, but if a guy mentions another girl we will think she must have been better than us. We want to know is she pretty than us, or why is he talking of her ?

Have conversations about ex girlfriends - We don't want to hear about an ex girlfriend. I once drove a guy I met, to a place a liked. He talked of what he and this girl done there. I said who is she, asking if I knew her and he said his ex girlfriend. I awkwardly went silent. I thought does he want to be here with me or the other girl?. There's been a few other awkward situations, but let's not go there. 

Saying I miss you, unless you mean it - Once this guy would only want me when it suited him. He'd disappear saying he was suffering depression and appear out the blue saying he misses me. Then he'd give a sympathy story saying he has no money for food or electric and ask me to send money. I wasn't falling for that haha.

Talking about sex with your ex - We don't want to hear you had sex with someone else, it's a huge put off. Do we really want to imagine you with someone else?. 

We don't mind if you talki of your ex online etc, but talking about her personally to us makes us think she's better.

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