Monday, 13 February 2017

My New York Story

It's not everyday a British girl goes to New York and meets a New York guy walking Broadway. I get friends say my life is like a Hollywood movie, so here am going to share my story. 

     On Friday January the 8th 2016, last year my day turned into fate. I was going on holiday myself to New York City, something I'd done many times before. My dad dropped me off at Edinburgh airport and got the plane to Newark, flying with United Airlines. I got the train from the Newark airport into Manhattan, to Pennsylvania station and walked to the hotel (Roosevelt hotel), dropping off my suitcase.

 I put my phone on charge, while I quickly redone my makeup. I looked at my phone percentage, thinking do I leave now or charge abit longer ? I knew I had soo much to do, so little time. I decided to leave the room and explore the city. 

  I was walking down Broadway and stopped to take a photo of myself. I heard someone shout "selfie". My automatic reaction, I looked to see who said it. I looked over and there was a guy on his phone. He was tall and good looking. I looked at him and laughed. He walked towards me saying I think you're very pretty. I replied thanks and smiled. He said I'd like to meet for coffee sometime. I said oh am not actually from here. He goes do you come here often ? I said I've been here a few times. He asked where I was from and I replied Scotland. He gave me his business card, telling me to call him. I thought to myself, he doesn't realise how far Scotland is. Before he went, he asked my name and I said Danielle. Then he walked away saying his name was Mr S. I thought that was the last I'd hear from him. 

      When I got back to Scotland, my friend from my work asked how New York was. I said oh I met a man and laughed. She goes where did you meet him ? I said walking down Broadway, he asked me to meet for a coffee. She said and did you meet him for the coffee ?. I said I was only there for 3 days and told me to call him, which I don't have the confidence. She goes get back in contact with him. I went home thinking I could get in contact with him and we could be friends. I thought he won't want someone away 3000 miles away in Scotland. I emailed him using the email address on his business card. My email was so bad, it went something like - Hi do you remember me from Broadway. I wanted to leave it curious, incase he met other people on Broadway. I was surprised that he replied back to my email, after how silly it sounded asking me to call him. He replied saying he's wants a relationship, not just friends. His email said - if you're feeling brave like Braveheart call him. I thought to myself, he must know Scotland to mention Braveheart. I nervously dialled his number and he answered in his American accent saying hey, I said hey back. The call turned out ok, he done a lot of the talking and asking me questions. He asked my age and said can I guess you're age ? you're 26 or 27. I wow are you serious ? You're the first person to guess my age, everyone else says younger.  He said he was 60, then said he was joking and that he was 39. He said I hope am not too old for you, 10 years isn't too bad is it ? I said no. He told me he was born in Hungary and his family moved to New York, when he was 5. He asked loads of questions and said he was a Broker in New York and lives in Manhattan. I said I was a supermarket worker and lived in Edinburgh all my life. From the very first phone call he asked what my plans were on moving to New York. 

      I'd google to see what information I could find about Mr S, as we had no mutual friends and we knew nothing about each other. I couldn't find anything under his name, but there was a Mr S in Long Island, but a different age. I said to my friend maybe he's got himself private online or that could be him with an old address online. My friend said maybe he's trying to impress you saying he lives in New York City and is older, but thinks you'll not be interested saying his real age. I thought that could be true, a lot of guys don't tell their real age. Maybe he was trying to impress ? Mr S said on the phone I bet you've tried searching for me on Facebook or something and found nothing, I laughed. Am sure Mr S would have searched online, to see if he could find any information about me. 

       One phone call Mr S said what do you want to do with your life, do you really want to spend your life in a supermarket ? He said am starting to sound like your father. Then he joked saying, he is my American Daddy. Soon "Daddy" and "ahoy matey" became his catch phrases on every phone call. I'd say why do you keep saying "ahoy matey" he'd say because Scotland makes him think of pirates, I'd just laugh. 

    We would txt each other and I once txt Mr S telling him I decorated my house New York and sent him photos of my living room, bedroom and toilet. He replied back in txt, you could have a Wall Street broker in your New York bed. I just laughed at his flirting. 

    Mr S talked of me flying to New York to meet him in the April and he'd come to Scotland in the summer, July or August. Then he said he can't come Scotland, with his work. I said so when can you come to Scotland ? He said he can't, he always has to be in Manhattan. He said he had a lot of stuff going on with his work and it was best we arrange to meet in New York after the summer. I had a week free in September, so we agreed to meet in New York and Mr S said those dates were fine. 

      After that Mr S started to phone most days. It was the best feeling, but at the same time I was like this isn't real ? I kept saying to myself he'll give up within a couple weeks, but he never. Once it started to sink in, I started to tell more friends about him. All my friends kept saying, so what's the latest gossip with the Mr S the American. One thing I noticed some friends were happy, other friends would say you don't know him. I thought you get one chance at life, why not give Mr S that chance. Sometimes Mr S would phone 2-3 times a day. The first few phone calls I'd say to him, so you live in New York have you met any celebrity's ? I'd tell him I love Mary-Kate and Ashley and ask if he's ever met them. I'd say to him if you ever see Mary-Kate and Ashley please say hi to them from Danielle in Scotland and he'd just laugh. He'd tell you about his crazy life in New York City and you'd get a phone call at night saying, he's just calling to say goodnight. Sometimes with the time difference, I'd already fallen asleep and I'd get woken up to Mr S ringing saying am just saying goodnight.    

        I started to notice Mr S would phone Monday to Friday, but not at the weekend. I made a joke on the phone to him saying am I your Monday to Friday girlfriend ? He replied no you're my girlfriend, saying he's just very busy. I brought it up to my friend who lives in America, saying how he'll phone Monday to Friday, but not at the weekends. My friend said remember he's a Broker, working is their life. She said maybe he doesn't want to answer the phone at the weekends, if he's busy with family and explain who you are. She said it would be awkward for him to explain he met a girl from Scotland, until he knows it will work. I thought maybe my friend is right. I started to think maybe I should make an effort and show interest in him and phone him.

        One day I went to Five guys with my Dad and told Mr S, am going to Five guys with my Dad. Mr S phoned leaving a voice message asking if he could speak with my father to thank him for making me. I couldn't let Mr S speak to my Dad, my Dad is very protective of me. I txt Mr S saying sorry you can't speak with my dad, as he's very protective of me and don't want him going crazy at you. He'd ask if my Dad would bury him under the castle in Scotland, I'd laugh and say yes he would.  

       Mr S said his Dad was ill and needed heart surgery, so he was going to take a couple days off work to be at the hospital for his dad. I said tell your dad am thinking of him. Mr S said his Dad loves golf and St Andrews is a big thing to golfers. He said his Dad has asked if I could find any St Andrews souvenirs. I hate letting people down, so I said I'd try my best and got his dad St Andrews t shirts, hat, towel and golf balls.

      Around June Mr S phoned and woke me up at midnight shouting he thinks am lying and not going to meet him, otherwise I'd have booked by now. I said you don't understand, I've been looking at the prices for holidays to New York go up and down. Am trying to see when's best to book. He said he knows how business works and if I wanted to see him, I'd have booked by now.

      The next day Mr S was back to his cheery self on the phone. We got on well got on for months and it was the first time I heard him get mad. It was weird hearing him sounding mad, I thought maybe he's frustrated not known if I was going to meet him or not.

     In July I went over the dates I was free for September, a few times on the phone to Mr S saying are you sure those dates are ok ? He said of course those dates are fine. He said just book and tell him the dates I book. I told Mr S it was all booked and he said he was telling clients he'd be taking time off mid September, so he'd only be available for emergency. He said that way he'd be able to spend time with me.

    On September the 11th last year I flew to New York to meet up with Mr S and he met me at Newark airport. When the plane landed I phoned Mr S, thinking he wouldn't be there. I said hi the plane has just landed, he said he was standing waiting at arrivals wearing a blue shirt. I picked up my suitcase and went to the toilet and washed my face, then redone my makeup. I was pulling my suitcase to head out. I really wasn't expecting Mr S to be waiting. I got a huge surprise when Mr S shouted "ahoi matey". It sounded just like him on the phone. I looked at him and laughed. He said you're smaller than what I remember. I laughed and said am the same height I was the last time I saw you. He said let me take your suitcase. I said no no it's fine, am used to doing everything myself. He said let me take it. He took my suitcase and took me to a bus stop, to get the bus into Manhattan. It was the first time I'd arrived in New York when it was summer, so I wasn't used to the heat. I said to Mr S this is hot, compared to when I normally come to New York. The bus took us to 42nd street, then we walked to 52nd street (Sheraton hotel on Times Square.) to drop my suitcase of at the hotel. Then Mr S took me to a Scottish restaurant on 46th street called St Andrews, where we had lunch. He was telling me he's just moved to Long Island. We sat talking and I said you know Americans are confident people and Mr S replied, you know what else Americans say - they say kiss me. Then we had our first kiss. After that we got the subway and went to see The Row (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's shop) on 71st street, but it was closed. Mr S said to the workers outside taking things in and out, when will it next be open ? They replied it's getting refurbished and will be open on Tuesday. I said that's strange it's shut, it only just opened a few months ago. We then went for a walk in Central Park and enjoyed the New York sun. That night we got the subway down to see the September the 11th light and memorial. I joked to him saying are you working ? As that's what I always said to him on the phone. He said he is working all week. I said I thought you were taking time off ? He said his work wouldn't let him.

      The next day, we got up and Mr S kissed my cheek before he went to work. Something in my head was telling me to go for a walk to The Row again, even though it was shut till Tuesday. I walked up to 71st street, to The Row and there was photographers standing outside. I phoned Mr S and said am standing outside The Row shop. He goes you're not there again ? Why are you there ? I said well there's photographers, I think Mary-Kate and Ashley are there. I stood for about 20 mins and saw Olivier Sarkozy come out. I ran after him and said can I take a photo of you ? He goes am not very good at that sort of thing, sorry. I said ok and started walking back to The Row. Then I saw photographers were taking photos of Olivier Sarkozy, so I ran back trying to catch up with him. He slowed down and smiled. I managed to take a photo of him. I walked back to The Row again and saw Mary-Kate and Ashley come out. It was a dream come true. I'd always dreamed of seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley in person. I then headed to sprinkles cupcake and got a cupcake ice cream sundae and sat in Central Park eating it. Mr S txt asking where I was, I replied am in Central Park. He said he'd finished work and was resting in the hotel, so I headed back to the hotel. I walked into the hotel room and said guess who I saw - Mary-Kate and Ashley !!!!! Mr S said you did ? He goes oh my god that was your dream to see them. We lay on the hotel bed for a while and he said he had an event his boss was making him go to and he couldn't take me. He said I need to take you to eat first, to fatten your tummy. I laughed and said I was fine. We headed to Rosie O'Grady's, across from the hotel.  Mr S moved the menu over to me, saying pick something. I said Mr S this is a fish and meat restaurant, I don't really do fish or meat. He goes order some fries or something. I couldn't see fries as a side, so ordered some onion rings. Mr S ordered a beer and I had a coke. After that Mr S said he had to head to the event, but he'd only be there an hour or two, as I was over to see him. I made use of my time on my own and said to myself to celebrate that I'd seen Mary-Kate and Ashley in person earlier that day, I'd head to Sephora and buy their new perfumes. I picked up the two new Elizabeth and James perfumes, the "Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose and Bourbon". I walked out of Sephora and walked along Times Square. Victoria's Beckham stepped out a black car. I thought to myself wow I used to dream I'd bump into celebrities and now all these celebrities I see in the same day. I stood and watched Victoria Beckham pose about in Times Square, before she headed back into the black car. I then headed back to the hotel and Mr S arrived back in the hotel about 10 mins after me. He said he had a good time, but wished he could have took me. I said to Mr S I was in Times Square and got the two new perfumes I wanted and saw Victoria Beckham, it's turned out the best day of my life celebrity spotting. Before heading to bed, Mr S said he wouldn't be able to see me the next day as he needed to head back home to get a change of clothes. He said he had a business event at Columbus Circle on Wednesday morning and wanted me to go with him, so asked me to be ready. 

   On Tuesday morning Mr S got up and came round to my side of the bed and kissed me saying goodbye, see you tomorrow morning. I got up and headed back to The Row shop once again. I wanted to visit The Row shop since it opened, to say I'd been. I walked round the shop trying to pick something. I looked at the sunglasses and the woman who worked thee said the owners wear a lot of these glasses. I said you mean Mary-Kate and Ashley ?. She pointed to ones saying one of the Olsen's wore those ones yesterday. I said oh really ? I got my mobile out and looked back the photo I took of Ashley. I said to her I stood outside and saw Mary-Kate and Ashley, this is why am here. Telling her am a fan of them and need to buy something to say I've been. She goes that's cute. I looked at the photo I took and compared to the sunglasses the woman pointed to and said I'll have them, since Ashley has them. Then I spent the day chilling in Central Park, wandering round Grand Central and enjoying Times Square at night. 

      On Wednesday morning I didn't know what to wear to the business event, so I decided to wear a fancy cream top, denim leggings and heels. I got up early and headed to McDonald's and got a cheese biscuit breakfast. I sat eating my breakfast in the heat on the red steps in Times Square. Then Mr S txt asking where I was and said he was in the hotel room and asked me to meet there for half nine. I arrived back in the room and he was like a typical guy. As soon as I walked into the hotel room, he said are you ready let's go. I had to do what every girl does, run check the mirror and double check I look ok. I said ok, let's go ! We were walking up to Columbus Circle and I wasn't used to bumpy sidewalks like New York. Mr S said those shoes are no good. I started laughing and said am not used to waking on New York paths, Scotland paths are more flat. When we arrived at the business event, we said our names and I got a badge with my name spelt wrong "Daniel Maclean". We went into a room of people doing speeches. I didn't really understand the event at first, but once they started talking about mortgages I could relate as I only got a mortgage a few years ago. I kept looking over to the window thinking what an amazing view looking over Manhattan. I said hey Mr S look at the view, he replied I know it's a nice view. There was loads of free stuff on tables around the room. Mr S kept getting up and filling a bag he got. I couldn't stop laughing, as he'd go back for more things. Before we went I walked round and picked up a few pens, m&ms and random stuff. We then got a cab back to the hotel and chilled lying on the bed. I was too busy lying facing the window thinking this is a dream looking onto Times Square. I said to Mr S can we go to Mad46 later ? He said if you want to. It was a place I'd always wanted to visit, but it's only open April till October, so it was always shut when I've visited New York. We headed to an after party, at a place called Zuma on Madison Avenue. Mr S introduced me to a few of his friends. I met Mr S's mate called Mr B. Mr B said do you think you'll move to New York ? Mr S said he was going out for a smoke. Mr B sat and spoke and he said he knew of Glasgow. I said am from Edinburgh, another city near Glasgow. I said do you understand my accent ? He said of course I do. Then Mr B said he was going out to see Mr S. I was left on my own and these girls came over smiling away saying hi what bank do you work for ? I said I work for them who just went outside and smiled shaking the girls hands. Mr S came back in without Mr B. I said where has Mr B gone ? He said Mr B said he's away home to toss off thinking of you saying you're hot. I couldn't help, but laugh and not take him serious. I said na where has he gone ? Mr S said he's away home. I said he didn't even say bye, after speaking. We left Zuma and they all wanted to go to some other party. I said to Mr S can we not go to Mad46 ? He goes do you have to go there, can we not miss that out ? I said Mr S you don't understand, it's a place I've always wanted to visit. He goes alright then, we'll go there. One of Mr S's very drunk friends came aswell. I never took note of his name. The staff at Mad46 must have noticed how drunk his mate was. The staff guy in the lift was talking on the radio and said is everything ok ? We said yea we're good and the guy said he was radioed to check on us. Walking out onto the rooftop of Mad46 was just amazing, the view was out of this world. I was like wow. Mr S said sit down, telling me to keep an eye on his mate. I got a cocktail and they got a pint of beer. After that we headed. The lift chat was so entertaining, the staff guy said how was it ? I said first time for me, am from Scotland. Then Mr S said, I just wish my she'd move to New York and spend her life with me. The worker said, you just have to keep trying and you'll get there. Mr S said to his mate let's call it a night and we walked back to the hotel. 

       On Thursday morning Mr S got up and said meet him when he finishes work. He kissed my cheek and said imagine you could have your own Hungarian husband, if you come and live here in New York. I smiled back at him. I got ready and walked down Downtown and went up the World Trade Center. Then I went to see Westfield shopping Center. Mac was doing makeovers in the middle of the centre to advertise their new Star Trek range. They asked if I wanted a my makeup done. I then bought a few things from Mac. Mr S sent a txt saying he wouldn't be able to meet till later tonight, as he had to meet a client. I said it was ok, as I was Downtown and don't like getting transport on my own, it takes me a while to walk back up. He txt back saying to meet at a bar on Fourth Avenue, but I can't remember the bar name. I started to walk back up to Midtown and it was getting dark, but I didn't care I love walking in New York City. I got into the hotel and got changed into a blue dress. My makeup was ready, as the makeup artist at Mac done my eyeshadow and lipstick. I walked along to Fourth Avenue and walked up and down and couldn't find the bar Mr S mentioned. I phoned Mr S and said I can't find the place. He goes ok where are you ? I said standing on the corner by Fourth Avenue, he said ok I'll come and meet you. He came within a few mins and we went in the bar. Mr S raced back in and these people stepped in front of me and said where are you going ? Are you with the party ? I said I was meeting him and pointed to Mr S sitting up the back. They said well you must pay $10, so I had to give the people at the door $10. I then went up the back of the place and sat with Mr S. Mr S said this is part of his job, socialising and he was waiting on a client coming back for a drink. He said he's still not came back, saying I bet his wife has told him no he can't, saying it's the same story every woman is the same. He said he'd wait half an hour and go. There was a woman dancing behind and Mr S stopped her and got chatting to her. He asked where she was from, she said she was from Bulgaria and Mr S said see it's an international bar. He said this is Danielle and she's from Scotland and said he's Mr S from Hungary. The Bulgarian woman said to me, all us girls fall for guys and give up everything and sometimes the guys aren't worth it. I looked at Mr S and smiled and he was looking at his phone. I think Mr S was listening, but pretending to look at his phone. The staff laid a tray of chicken and wedges. The Bulgarian woman said to Mr S did you order them ? He said no they just laid them down, she said oh well I'll have one. Mr S said he was just going to get ready to go and told me to eat some chicken. I thought to myself I've just paid $10 to get in this place and we have just sat down, I might aswell eat it. I ate a few bits chicken, while Mr S finished his drink and we got going. Mr S goes let's just call it a night and we headed back to the hotel. It was only half 9, but I just agreed with him and went back to the hotel even though I felt like I could have partied all night haha.

     On Friday I got up early to go shopping and Mr S got up for his work. He kissed my cheek and said we are loving each other. He goes imagine if you lived here, you could see your Hungarian husband everyday. He said I'll see you after work and kissed my cheek again, then said bye. I left the hotel and walked along the high line. It was soo hot, I stopped on the high line steps for a seat and sat drinking Sunkist. Mr S sent a txt saying he wouldn't be able to meet me after work, as his Mom phoned crying wanting shopping done and things done in the house. I txt back you said those days were ok. He replied his parents are old, what do you do. I said I was disappointed and he replied he'd meet me the next morning. I wasn't going to let it get me down, I was here to enjoy New York City. I walked the high line, then spent the day shopping. I stopped at CVS, Duane Reade and Walgreens checking out the latest makeup and stocking up buying Swedish fish, to take back home. I stopped for pizza at Whole Foods, then went shopping in Victoria's Secret at Herald Square. My bags were getting heavy, so I dropped of my shopping at the hotel and headed back out. I went to Bath and body works and stopped at some Chinese place and got some noodles. I walked back to Times Square, as it was getting late and sat on the wall to eat the noodles. A man came over and sat to the right of me and said can I sit here ? I looked and smiled. He goes where are you from ? I said Scotland. He said he was Spanish and was here to work, I sat nodding. He said do you have any of your money ? I said sorry ? He got his wallet out and showed different currencies he had from different countries. I said not with me, sorry. I carried on eating my noodles and drinking some Sunkist. The guy pointed at my Sunkist saying are you finish ? There was still half a bottle left. I laughed to myself thinking is he wanting my drink ? He said what hotel are you staying at ? I lied and said The Hilton just up there and pointed a random direction. He said are you ready to go back to your hotel ? I thought why is a random guy asking me if am ready to go to my hotel ? I said no am not. He said when ? I said am going shopping. He replied I'll go with you. I looked to the left and there was a woman staring over. She smiled and I smiled back at her. Then the guy said I'll take you for a drink to Bryant Park. I said no, I have other plans. I thought I need to get away from this, so I stood up to go. The guy stood up and grabbed my wrist. I said leave me alone. He pulled me towards him and I pushed him away. I felt safe because Times Square was crowded with thousands of people. I thought what if someone is in a worse situation ? I had my mobile in my hand, so clicked camera and tried my best to take photos of him for evidence. I looked at the woman who was sat beside me and she said quietly, do you know him ? I replied no. She tapped the wall and said come and sit back down. I sat down and he goes see you tomorrow outside your hotel and walked away. I said to the woman are you from New York ? She said yes you have to be careful here, tell the police. I said thanks. I went over to the Times Square police station and told one of the police there's a strange man in Times Square and I have a photo of him. The police man replied, just walk away from him. I thought you know what Times Square is packed with thousands of people, am not going to let that guy ruin things. I went shopping checking out H&M, Sephora, Mac and M&M world before heading back to the hotel. Let me just tell you, when you're shopping in Times Square it's easy to forget the time. I got back to the hotel and looked at the time and it was half past midnight. I looked out the hotel room onto Times Square and you could still see the crowds out at that time. 

  On Saturday I got up and txt Mr S about meeting, but he replied he was unable to meet me. I thought never mind I gave it my best, traveled to see him. I walked up to Central Park and down Fifth Avenue enjoying the shops, before I headed home that day. I stopped by Chipotle to try for the first time and it was amazing. Then I went to Walgreens on Times Square and got some Ben & Jerry's ice cream "The tonight dough" and sat enjoying the sun in Times Square. Soon it was time to start heading to the airport. I picked up my suitcases at the hotel and walked down to Pennsylvania station and got the train to Newark airport. I sat the airport thinking well that must be the last I'll hear from Mr S, not even a txt or phone call before I left to go back to Scotland. I boarded the plane back to Edinburgh and arrived back in Scotland on Sunday morning. Friends were txting asking how it went. I replied well he couldn't even say goodbye to me. 

    On the Monday after I got back Mr S left a voice message on my phone saying hey it's your husband Mr S, saying he was sorry he couldn't meet his dad was ill and he'll see me soon. 

      I phoned him back and let him know, he let me down. After meeting in September, Mr S started to distance himself.  He'd say I'll see you December or January. I said January would be better, if we meet the 8th, a year since we met and it's cheaper in January. He'd say the 8th of January would be nice. Mr S started to change person. Some phone calls Mr S would say he looked forward to meeting in January, other phone calls he'd shout saying get a hobby and stop playing with your phone he's too busy to speak. It was a change from him phoning me all the time.

       When it got near Mr S's birthday I was expecting him to tell me his big plans he had for his 40th birthday, but he never seem to mention his birthday coming up. I said to my friend Mr S hasn't mentioned any big plans or anything for his 40th. I said to my friend, maybe I should phone him and ask him, give him a chance to say. I phoned Mr S and said can I ask you something ? Did you tell me the truth about your age ? He said of course. Then we carried on speaking about other things. 

   On Mr S's birthday I phoned him and said happy birthday, he said thanks. I said I thought you'd have taken the day off ? He said no the world doesn't stop for Mr S's birthday, I laughed. He was laughing and joking away on the phone. He has since admitted he is older. 

        On Christmas Day I phoned Mr S's landline phone to say Merry Christmas and he replied "Merry Christmas don't phone this number again, this is my parents number" and hung up. The next day I phoned him and asked why he hung up, he replied he doesn't live in Long Island and that he lives in Manhattan. I said you never mentioned to me you moved ? I said when did you move ? He said a while ago, to 37th street on Ninth Avenue. 

      We carried on speaking on the phone and days before I was due to meet Mr S, he said he'd be too busy to meet me with his work. I emailed him and said if you're too busy too meet you could ask your mate Mr B if he wants to meet. I said maybe Mr B could show me around places in New York I've never seen before. Mr S replied with Mr B's email and phone number. I sent Mr B an email asking if he remembers me. He replied of course I do. He said have a safe flight and he'd see me when I arrive.

        I arrived in New York last month. It was strange walking by where Mr S stood waiting last time. I got my phone out and sent him a txt saying obvious I meant nothing to you. I traveled 8 hours flight from Scotland and you can't even say hi, after speaking for a whole year. He sent an email saying meet him at his work. Mr S then offered to take my suitcase to the hotel, to which I first refused at first. I felt so mixed what to think. I just wanted him to say hi. I didn't expect him to meet, after he said he couldn't meet me. Then he asked again to take my suitcase, so I let him. His first conversation was, so you're coming back in March right ? I walked shocked thinking to myself "how does he think I'll afford to come back so soon". I think I replied something like I'll see. Mr S said he just left his work and was having a bad day. He said I'll stay at the hotel, if it's ok with you. I dropped my suitcase off at the hotel and washed my face to freshen up and redone my makeup.

         We headed out to the Bar Tonic, on Times Square to meet with Mr B. We shared nachos, fries and had drinks. Mr S said see it's nicer when we are together, than all the phone and txt nonsense. He then asked if I made up my mind on my future plans on moving to New York. I said Mr S, you know we need to be able to speak on the phone and meet the dates you agree to. He went on saying he's living with his parents in Long Island and is depressed and hopes to be back living in Manhattan, by summer. I sat silently thinking he hung up on me on Christmas Day saying he lives in Manhattan. Mr S said Mr B just txt him saying he was on the train Uptown. I said where's Uptown ? He said it could be anywhere, he was Downtown and he's heading Uptown. I said oh ok. I said so when is Mr B coming to meet ? Mr S said we have work, Mr B will be finishing work. Mr S laughed saying we don't get a day off when the the Queen of England comes. I said, you mean Queen of Scotland and laughed. I said to Mr S I'd like make a video of the hotel room when it's looking perfect, would you be ok, if I run off for 5 mins when Mr B comes ? He goes no no you go ahead do your thing. Then Mr B came into the bar. I said to Mr S is that Mr B ? I'd only seen Mr B once before. Mr S said yea that's Mr B. Mr B came in and said nice to see you and put his arm around me. Then Mr B started touching my leg while Mr S sat talking. I sat thinking this is awkward, why isn't Mr S saying anything to his mate ?. Mr B said so how was your flight, you got a plane Edinburgh to Newark ? But he pronounced it Edin-Burg. I laughed and said Edin-Bra. I looked at Mr S and he was looking at his phone. Mr S looked up saying that's how we pronounce it here and laughed. I said anyway I'll head back to the hotel and I'll meet you's in 5-10 mins back here ?

      I walked back to the hotel and made a hotel room tour video to post online and changed clothes, as I felt I wasn't dressed to sit in a bar. I went back to Tonic and they were gone. I phoned Mr S and he said he's away back to his work to pick something up, but Mr B is at the place next to Tonic. I stood outside and the place beside was a strip club. I walked up and down thinking maybe there's another bar he's at. I walked up to the security at the club and asked if he could tell me if Mr B was in there. The security replied you can't go inside, phone your friends. I phoned Mr B and no answer. I decided to head and look at shops, since I couldn't get hold of them. After about half an hour I phoned Mr S and he said he'd been wondering where I went. I said well am down at the shops now. He said to head back up and he'd meet me outside. I thought he was just going to get Mr B and we'd get heading. The security asked me to take my jacket off. I said I only have a top on underneath ? He said ok well tip like $2, then Mr S gave money to them. I sat thinking they'll just finish their drinks and move on. Mr B sat beside me and Mr S was sat beside a stripper, all I wanted was to leave. Mr B started to put his hands all over me. Mr S shouted over are you ok Danielle ?. I said I wanted to go. They talked of going to another bar, then changed their mind. We went outside and I said to Mr S where has Mr B went ? Mr S said he's away home. I said I'd like to go for a walk and see the New York Christmas decorations. He said ok, then he went back inside Tonic and sat down. I said what are you doing ? He said Mr B is coming back, we'll sit and wait on him. I said ok you can wait on him and I'll go and look at the Christmas decorations. I said to Mr S I want to head back to the hotel, to get my thicker jacket, as it was cold. Mr S said ok forget it let's go. He said to stop, so he could have a smoke. I said ok what about you wait there and I'll just run and get my jacket and meet you back here ? He said just wait, he's coming up to the hotel anyway. I stood waiting on him, then we got going and he stopped by one of the stalls saying he'd buy water for the hotel room. 

      We got to the hotel room and I changed my jacket. Mr S said he'd just go to bed and see me in half an hour to an hour. I thought he asks me to come to New York and the one day he says he can spend time with me he goes to a strip club, then leaves me to go a night walk on my own.

     I headed out on my own to see the New York Christmas decorations. That's my favourite part of New York, seeing New York at Christmas. I saw the Rockefeller Christmas tree and other decorations, before heading back to the room. Mr S said he had to be back in Long Island for lunch time, but said he'd take me for breakfast. I had already made plans for the weekend, as Mr S said he couldn't meet at first. I'd already planned to go to Woodbury Commons early on the Saturday morning. 

    I got up early on Saturday to get ready to head to Woodbury Commons. I said I hope you don't mind that I planned going to Woodbury Commons. He said can he have an extra hour in bed and he'd shut the room, when he left. I said ok and said bye to him. He said I'll see you on Monday for lunch.

        I headed down to get the bus to Woodbury Commons and had an amazing day at the outlet. I could have spent forever there. I stopped for a break and had a Chipotle and a Pinkberry ice cream, before doing more shopping. The bus back to Manhattan was fun as it was so packed, trying to pile all my shopping on me. I got of the bus at the bus station and walked back to the hotel to drop my shopping off. A woman walked by and shouted, you've had a good day. It made me laugh. That night I went ice skating at the Rockefeller Center. It was soo much fun skating in New York. The atmosphere is so much better, than anywhere in the world. There was a few proposals on the ice rink, which was cute. That would be my dream to be proposed to in New York, but there I was on my own in New York City. 

 On Sunday it snowed heavy, so I went for a walk in Central Park to see Central Park covered in snow, as I'd only seen photos of it. I was surprised how busy Central Park was with people sliding down the slopes with rubber rings, it looked soo much fun. If I knew where to buy a ring, I would have joined in. Then I went shopping at Bloomingdales, Victoria's Secret and Bath and body works. I dropped my bags off at the hotel, then headed to Bryant park to see the frozen fountain. At night I went up the Empire State Building and the view was amazing looking onto the World Trade Center.

        On the Monday morning I got up early and headed to McDonald's for a Mcgriddle breakfast. My friend said I needed to try a Mcgriddle and it was the best, I wish I knew of it before. I arranged with Mr B to meet up with him down in Wall Street, so I checked out the hotel and started walking down. When I got to Wall Street, I phoned Mr B and said am here. I asked where to meet, he said he'd come and stay where I was. He told me he needed to send a parcel, then go to a place to eat. Mr B took me to a place called Ullysses and we had burger and chips. Mr B leaned forward and said can we kiss ? One thing that stuck by me, my friend said is if a guy wants you they'll do everything to be with you, without any excuses. I felt let down Mr S hung up the phone on Christmas Day and went to a strip club, on the one day he said he could spend time with me. I thought I'll never meet the one, if I spend my life worrying. I was leaving New York in a few hours. I thought ok the kiss will just be abit of fun. I ended up kissing Mr B. 

Meeting Mr S had led me to many fates and dreams come true. I believe Mr S has made me a more confident person. Some of the things I've done, I'd never imagine myself doing before I met Mr S. 

If anyone uses my story, please contact me.
*Names have been changed

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