Saturday, 21 January 2017

Weekend in New York

The new year kind of depresses me, it's like you're another year older. I always say maybe it would be different if I had kids, I'd have something to look forward to. I don't think it helps my parents always say "you should be married with kids by now" or my mum says how she was married and had 3 kids by the time she was my age. I wish it was that easy to find the right guy. 

The last few years I've booked to go to New York in January and it gives you something to look forward to, at the start of the year. So that's where I headed to for the weekend, New York City. I booked a last minute holiday on my own to New York City, last weekend (Friday - Monday) . Am a professional at last minute holiday rushing and they actually turn out the best holidays !

On the Thursday night I went and got my dollars and came home and packed my suitcase. I always just throw in a few different pairs of leggings, tops, a jumper and camera and phone charger. Obvious don't forget underwear, but that's common sense haha. The it's all part of the fun trying to match the best I can, with whatever clothes I randomly threw in the suitcase.

I woke up on Friday morning and got my dad to drive me to the airport (my parents live near me, so comes handy when I need a lift places haha) I flew with United airlines Edinburgh - Newark and the flight was at 9am, so I had to be at the airport for 6am.

Who else forgets to take a pen with them going on holiday ? Everytime I go to America I always say I must remember to take a pen, then when they hand out the customs declaration form on the plane I remember. It's always the awkwardness saying to the person next to you on the plane "excuse me can I borrow your pen" haha. This time I said I must make an effort and remember. I laid a pen in my suitcase while putting things I was taking with me and planned putting the pen in my bag later. After I checked in at the airport, it came to my mind I zipped the pen in my suitcase. I ended up buying a pen at WH Smith at the airport. 

I love that you can see the World Trade Center from Newark airport.

How amazing is the view from the hotel room ? I stayed at the Sheraton hotel on Times Square (room 3705 incase anyone is wondering). The Sheraton worked out one of the cheapest hotels, as it's one of few hotels not charging the resort fee. A lot of hotels in New York have a resort fee, a fee you pay at the hotel (per person, per day). 

After I checked into the hotel I met up with my friends from New York Scott and Brandon. Me and Scott waited on Brandon coming in some bar in Times Square. Scott was teaching me New York lingo, he goes "Brandon is on the uptown train". I goes what's uptown ? Where is uptown ? He goes Brandon is Downtown, so he could be anywhere saying this is uptown. I was like ah ok haha. I was telling Brandon I got the plane Edinburgh - Newark and Brandon pronounced it Edin - Burg. I turned looking at Scott because Scott knows I keep correcting him. Scott turned and replied that's how we pronounce it. I can't believe how many people pronounce the capital of Scotland wrong.)

Later that night I went for a walk on my own seeing my favourite thing in New York, the Christmassy things.

Goodnight Times Square 

When I go to New York I always go with aims of things I want to do. All my friends who've went to New York say Woodbury Commons is good, but I've never been brave enough to go. This was my 5th time to go to New York, so one of my aims this time was to go to Woodbury Commons. Transport makes me panic, in places I don't know. People laugh when I say this, as I go to New York on my own. New York is different, it's like home for home and there's a direct flight from Edinburgh. 

On Saturday morning I woke up early, to go to Woodbury Commons and it started snowing. 

I walked to the port bus authority on 42nd street and wow let me tell you, it's like a maze. I had to look for number 412 and it was a long walk, the bus people shouted "Woodbury Commons" near the bus that kind of helped. 

Woodbury Commons is an experience. It's like walking in a village, but took hours to walk round. The bus to Woodbury Commons is $35, which is quite expensive so you have to go known you want to shop. Though it's a nice break away from the "busy" Manhattan. Am so glad I went I've always wanted a Michael Kors bag and there was a nice one $268 down to $99 !!! 
Then I stopped for lunch at my favourite place Chipotle. Chipotle is like the best thing ever and we don't have it in Scotland. I got one of the bowls with rice, chicken and veg and a coke.  Then I had a pinkberry, which is frozen yoghurt, with chocolate chips.

And the snow got worse . . .

Time to go back to Manhattan 

The snow was so bad when I arrived back in Manhattan.

I might have bought a little too much at Woodbury Commons, but the stuff were soo cheaper compared to the UK. I love how Americans are soo confident people, when I was walking back from the bus to the hotel a woman shouted "you've had a good day".

Then I headed to McDonald's for dinner and got a ranch wrap, I have no idea why I got two ? But it was too much for me to eat. I know we get McDonald's in the UK, but it's where I feel comfortable on my own. I wouldn't feel comfortable sitting in a restaurant, where you'd stand out being on your own.  

Every winter in New York I stand watching people skate at the Rockefeller Center, but I'd been scared as I hadn't been on an ice rink since I was a teen. I'd always wanted to do it, as it would be a different atmosphere from skating in Edinburgh. I said to my friend before I went to New York that I'd always wanted to ice skate in New York, but am scared. What if I landed myself in hospital, I'd have no one to visit me being in America on my own. My friend suggested I went ice skating in Edinburgh. So the day before I went to New York I went ice skating with my niece in Edinburgh. It really helped give me abit more confidence, so thanks to Sheona for suggesting that. The atmosphere is so much fun skating in New York City. The downside skating on your own is there's lots of proposals on the ice rink, when you are on your own. Hopefully one day I find a man to propose to me in New York City (that would be a dream being proposed to in New York City haha).

New Yorkers must be fed up with the snow, but to us it looks very pretty. We haven't had snow in Scotland this winter.

It was kind of sad seeing the Rockefeller Christmas tree lights go out and the tree getting cut down. 

Sundays breakfast at McDonald's I got a cheese biscuit, with hash brown and a hot chocolate. It was the first time I tried a McDonald's hot chocolate, but omg it tasted the best hot chocolate ive tried. While I was sitting eating my breakfast I noticed on the receipt it said to follow the manager @McNuday so I tweeted him, saying hi visiting from Scotland and he replied his granny is from Glasgow ! Everyone go follow him !!!

Times Square !!!

After breakfast I went for a walk in Central Park. Let me tell you photos online of wintery Central Park may look pretty, but it's very cold to state the obvious. My hands were feeling so cold, to take photos of the scenery. Central Park was so busy with people sliding down slopes with inflatable rings, if I knew where to buy those inflatable rings I  so would have joined in ! It looked soo much fun and must be a thing all the people from New York do, when it snows.  

I used to wonder why celebrities in New York were always photographed holding hot drinks. I've only just sussed it, to keep their hands warm. (It's hot chocolate I have in the photo, I don't do coffee or tea)

The frozen fountain in Bryant park was so cool to see.

Then I went up the Empire State Building 

Dinner at Shake Shack. I had chips, hot dog and a vanilla milkshake. The American milkshakes are the best, it's like melted ice cream. Our milkshakes are flavoured milk.

On the last day one of my friends who lives in America, said I should try the McDonald's Mcgriddle. Honestly American food is always tastier, than the UK food. I feel like since I got back, all I want is a McDonald's Mcgriddle. The McDonald's Mcgriddle was just the best. It's sausage and egg between two pancakes. 

After breakfast I checked out the hotel and headed downtown and met up with Brandon again. I walked from Midtown to Downtown - oh wait I think am listening to Brandon and Scott too much saying Midtown, Downtown in their New York language. I love walking New York and taking in the scenery. 

Whatcha doing ?

Then it was home time. I got the train from Pennsylvania station to Newark airport.

Philly cheesesteak and a coke at the airport 

After an overnight flight back to Edinburgh, I arrived back in Edinburgh at half 7 in the morning. I was surprised how warm it felt when I walked outside, for January in Scotland. I guess the snow in New York, made Scotland feel warm.

I'll be sharing with you lots more posts about New York ! Is there any blog posts you'd be interested in reading about New York ?

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  1. Ah this looks like an amazing trip Danielle!
    I'm planning to go for the first time in May or June of this year and it might be cheaper for me to fly from Edinburgh instead of Glasgow.
    I'm also very excited to visit Woodbury Commons, particularly for the Kate Spade Outlet! What did you get from there? :)
    I'd love to read more about your NY trip and any tips you have for someone visiting for the first time.

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. I thought Edinburgh would be the same as Glasgow, since united airlines both fly to Newark. I got a bag from Kate Spade - it was 40% off then another 20% off the total at the till. Woodbury Commons was amazing, but with the dollar so bad it's quite expensive bus there. Good idea I should blog about what to see for a first time person visiting New York.


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