Thursday, 13 July 2017

Throw Back Thursday | 20 Years Old Me

For the first time am going to jump on the bandwagon with throw back Thursday. I've never really had a need to do a throw back, to look back on photos. 

I found these photos from when I had my first MINI, back in 2008. My mum bought me a MINI hat, so I thought it was only right to do a photoshoot of myself wearing the hat.

The quality in the photo shows how much iPhone has improved. The photos were taken on the original iPhone, when there was no selfie view and the pixel quality isn't like how the quality is now.

 I love the blonde colour I had back then

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Friday, 7 July 2017

BRICKLIVE | Glasgow 2017

Sometimes it's hard to keep everyone happy. David loves Lego and says I show no interest in what he likes. I have never owned a Lego set, but I do want to buy the New York Lego set "because it's name sake". The truth is am not very good at following instructions, I'd give up after the first peice and have to ask David to come and buid it. 
When I saw an advert for BRICKLIVE I said "why don't we go to that?" And he's agreed to go.
Brick is a term used by Lego people for their "plastic bricks". I always associated bricks for building houses, but I learnt from David when he talked of his plastic bricks. BRICKLIVE is a Lego Event day and there's one in Scotland at the Secc in Glasgow :
The dates are :
Thursday 20th July
Friday 21st July 
Saturday 22nd July
Sunday 23rd July
Tickets cost £21.75 

We will be there on the Sunday !
Am most nervous about loosing David in the Lego pit, or at the stalls. David is the biggest kid.  
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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Milk Juicery | Review

We all love checking out places celebs have been to. When I saw Elizabeth Olsen in Edinburgh, she was carrying a box saying "Milk". It's been on my to-do list to get to this place.  
Milk Juicery is a healthy food and smoothie shop in the West End, Edinburgh. 
I went for the pulled pork superfood bowl and a strawberry milk smoothie. It costed £7.50 for the superfood bowl and smoothie.
The smoothie was the best. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this place, till I saw Elizabeth Olsen carrying the box.
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Sunday, 2 July 2017

5 facts about David

1. He's 30 something years old.

2. He hates when you call him Dave or Davie. He'll always reply, it's David. haha
3. He's awkward. 

4. We walked by each other everyday, for a couple years. He first technically spoke online.
5. He's good looking.
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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Outfit Of The Day | Friends Birthday


Dress : Boohoo
Bomber jacket : River Island
Cream Tom shoes
Tiffany link bracelet 

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The MINI Family

My Dad has copied my taste in cars and got a MINI. I have a MINI One and he went for the MINI Countryman, the higher up MINI. 

Which MINI do you like best ?

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Lego Cake

I think the word Lego has got to my brain, as David from Cars and Bricks talks of Lego a lot. My friend once sent my a link to Lego shaped cakes and told me to make a Lego cake. 
Here is my attempt at the Lego cake : 

Products : 

Self-raising flour
Caster sugar
Vanilla essence 
2 food colouring
Vanilla buttercream

Mixing bowl
Baking tray
2 bowls for food colouring 

I can't really give instructions, as I may have slightly over cooked it. Haha.  

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

St Andrews | Scotland

I went 5 years with no car after deciding it would be the best option to sell my car and think of my future, to buy a house. It was no big deal, as I live in the City. I did miss my car when I wanted to go to IKEA,  or a random drive.   

Now am back driving, it's nice to just get in the car and go for that random drive. I headed for a drive to St Andrews (the home of golfing). St Andrews is the "thing" for every golfing person. I must admit I felt like a tourist in the USA, as there was soo many American accents around St Andrews. The Americans are always so lovely people. When Americans see you taking photos, they always come forward asking if you want them to take a photo for you. It happened to me a lot in New York and in St Andrews. It's nice of them to offer, but I feel awkward someone offering to take my photo.

St Andrews is a nice place to go for a walk, so you don't need to love golf. Where should I go for a drive next ?

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