Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Woodbury Commons Haul

I feel like I only ever do my shopping in New York, well might aswell save and have fun in New York. My last shopping haul was when I went to New York in September. I went shopping at Woodbury Commons, while I was over in New York. If you've never heard of Woodbury Commons, it's a shopping outlet in Central Valley New York. I've wanted to visit it for so long, after hearing everyone talk about it. Now I can finally say I've been !  

These are the products I bought:

Michael Kors bag : $268 down to $99
Kate Spade bag : $89.99 down to $58
Reebok top $14.99
Converse top $25 down to $19.99
Armani Exchange jeans : $120 down to $27
Steve Madden NY shoes $49.99 down to $19.99
Steve Madden white trainers $55 down to $27 
Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream $10
Elizabeth Arden exfoliating cleanser $17.99 - buy one get one free
Elizabeth Arden gentle hydrating cleanser $17.99 - buy one get one free
Yankee easy meltcup $5.49

The outlets in America are soo cheap. I wish I lived in America, to go to those outlets more often.
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Friday, 10 March 2017

Review | NYX Advent Calendar

Is it March or December ? Haha I had a slight failure in life. I never got round to opening my NYX advent calendar. Let's just call March the new December and open it now. 

Products :
Lip cream : Monte Carlo 
Eyeshadow : Monte Carlo
Lip cream : Milan 
Eyeshadow : Milan
Lip cream : Prague 
Eyeshadow : Prague
Lip cream : Transylvania 
Eyeshadow: Transylvania 
Eyeshadow: Copenhagen 
Lip cream Copenhagen 
Lip cream : Addis Ababa
Eyeshadow: Addis Ababa
Eyeshadow: Rome
Lip cream : Rome
Lip cream : Seoul
Eyeshadow: Seoul 
Lip cream : Morocco 
Eyeshadow: Morocco 

The NYX advent calendar costed £60, but I bought it when Boots had an event day so I got £17 in Boots points. I love how they are all named after countries, but am kind of sad there's no New York. It's a good price for the amount of makeup you get. They are a good size for taking on holiday with you. 

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Double Tree Hilton Edinburgh | Sky Bar

Double Tree Hilton sky bar is situated on Bread Street, behind Edinburgh castle. I went with my mum and the drink hit her. My mums sat saying this is where your wedding will be. Thanks mum for letting me know haha. Who says I want to marry in Edinburgh ?

It has an amazing view looking over Edinburgh castle. It's Edinburgh's version of New York rooftop bars. My mum even started talking like an American saying she's from Scaaaatland. I laughed saying what's with the American accent.

I got a raspberry cosmo which costed £7.50

If you ever visit Edinburgh, the Sky bar is worth visiting and the staff are really friendly.

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Dealing with travel sickness

If you asked me when the last time I got a bus, I honesty couldn't tell you. I try avoid buses, as I always feel ill. I once had someone say to me, but you can get a plane to America. It's like people don't understand what it's like feeling ill. Getting on a plane, it's quite the same as a bus or car. Traveling by bus leaves me feeling ill, sick and dizzy for the rest of the day. I end up walking about like a zombie, till I've had a sleep to feel normal again haha.

When I was younger my family use to drive to Butlins or Blackpool and I was always the one to be sick. My grandparents lived out of Edinburgh and my mum couldn't drive. I always remember the long bus journeys to my grandparents, by the time I got of the bus I was left feeling sick and dizzy for the rest of the day.  

When I got my own car and passed my driving test, I used to drive for hours to Newcastle. I never felt sick or anything. I started to think maybe am over feeling ill in cars and buses.  

Then one day I decided to meet a friend in Manchester and try the Megabus. I felt so ill I told them not to meet me when I got off the bus, so I could go for a walk. When you feel ill and sick, you don't want to speak to anyone and want to be on your own. I got off the bus and they were standing there. I was quite rude and said please leave me alone. I just need to go for a walk to stop me feeling sick. Then the bus back to Edinburgh was worse, my dad came and met me of the bus. I said to my dad I don't think I can get in the car, I feel sick. He said just get in and open the window. My dad drove round the first bend and boom I was sick in his car.

I think it's the motion of the turns and bends in other people's cars and buses that my mind isn't prepared for. One day I walked to town and now I walk everywhere that's walkable distance. I'll get the bus maybe a few times a year.

Am lucky I live in the city, so everything is walking distance for me. Now we have Edinburgh trams, it makes it easier for me to get to town.

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

How does a man know your ring size ?

The more I think about it, the more it baffles me. I didn't know my own ring size. How does a man or anyone know your ring size, without measuring ? 

I was given a ring a couple weeks ago from someone. I asked him how he knew my size and he just replied because he's god haha. I assume he maybe checked with Pandora if you can return, if it's too big or small and took a guess. 

It just feels crazy thinking about it, out of all the ring sizes he got the right size. Well now I know, am a size 52 ring.

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Trainspotting T2 | Review

Who's read the original Trainspotting book ? The part at the beginning they were at a pub drinking and mentions "McLean" and other names. Mclean is my dad, he's friends with Irvine Welsh.

We are always watching American movies, so I love when on the rare occasion a movie is made in Edinburgh. Trainspotting T2 was released in the UK on the 27th January and will be in cinemas in the USA on the 17th of March.

It was the best film I'd seen in a long time. My dad got abit excited when he spotted Irvine Welsh in the film. He kept nudging me, saying that's my mate haha. I've had people say they have never  heard of Edinburgh, so this really shows our city. Though New Yorkers said to me they used to think the Scottish were all high on heroin haha. We don't really take cocaine or heroin and our houses aren't decorated like the 1980's. My house is in fact is decorated New York theme. I like to think us Scottish are friendly people. Trainspotting T2 film shows the trams, Princes street, Edinburgh castle and Arthur's seat. Also a lot of the time in the film you see irn bru bottles in the background in houses during the film, that's so me. Am guilty of being an irn bru addict.

My favourite part of the film was when they were sitting drinking at Harvey Nichols and Veronica says - choose life. Renton says choose this and that and how we share our bio on Facebook with strangers. It's true the generation we live in, we blog and share our life. Things are different now a days. I love seeing people from all over the world visit my blog. I earn money blogging, but it's not a lot. I choose to blog, who knows where my blog will end up. 

Does anyone recognise any of filming locations ? 
These are the locations I spotted.

Edinburgh airport
Princes street
Edinburgh castle
Castle Terrace car park
Arthur's seat 
Harvey Nichols 4th floor
The Royal mile
Cav club
The pub at the bottom of Leith
Royal infimary hospital 

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Forever Single

Do you ever set life goals? I always imagined myself married by my early 20's and had all my kids, before I was 30. Something that has been bothering me the closer I get near to 30, is being alone. This certainly feels like the most personal and open blog post I have written.

In high school me and my friend Kristen would sit and talk about our weddings to our future husbands. We said we'd be bridesmaids at each others weddings and even planned our future kids names. My friend moved back to America and now lives in Las Vegas, so now it looks like if she's bridesmaid I'll need to have a Las Vegas wedding. The problem was when it came to a guy saying he liked me, I was the who got red cheeks and get myself in a panic.

I left school at 16 and met a guy at my work. He was 7 years older than me and asked if I had msn (showing my age now, msn was the thing when I was a teenager). He'd always ask me to go to the cinema with him, but I was shy and had little confidence. I'd panic everytime a guy asked to meet me. I'd change the subject and became known as the person good at changing subjects.

When I turned 18, my brothers had girlfriends and brought girls round to the house. I thought to myself, you only live once and got the courage to meet the guy from work. He told me he had a daughter, when he was 17. When I got home, I told my dad that the guy has a daughter. The next day the guy came round to my house and walked in. My dad came through and shouted get out my daughters bedroom. I felt so embarrassed me and the guy both walked out. We ended up going to his house, but I was scared if he told his parents how my dad reacted. When I got home my parents said you can't meet him because he has a child already. It made me want to meet him even more. Whenever I came home, my parents would shout you better not be meeting him. I wish my parents let me learn from my mistake, but I carried on meeting him. He'd randomly cut off contact from me and appear out the blue. I'd get a txt saying "I miss you" and he'd say he was depressed. One day he asked to meet me, then last min said he couldn't meet. My friends said I could meet them at a pub. One of my friends said turn around. I looked around and the guy was sitting with a girl with red hair. At the time I had dyed my hair auburn red. It made me hate having red hair, so I dyed my hair blonde after that.

I'd go out to clubs and meet guys through friends of friends. I'd dance with guys, but when they wanted to kiss, I'd distance myself incase they expected to come to my house sometime. I knew I could never bring a guy to my house. My friend Kirsten would always get drunk and talk to random guys outside clubs and I'd stand beside her just smiling. Whenever I got home I knew my parents would say I was meeting the guy, when I was actually at clubs with friends.

My brother would always have a girl round. I said to my mum, why is she allowed in the house ? My mum said because they are engaged and getting married.

It makes me feel like I'll be forever single, seeing all my friends marry and have kids. It would be nice to have someone who wants to love me to themselves and to have that romanticness.

Now my mums trying to sell me off. My mum said you need to find happiness, before she gets old and loopy. My mum went by 2 managers from my work after she'd been out drinking and said "am trying to get my daughter married". I thought oh god and looked the other way. I got told at the night out a few weeks ago (my mum works at the same job as me) my mum went up to that same manager, asking if he'll marry her daughter. What a way to ruin your reputation haha. 

I bought a 2 bedroom house, as I was planning ahead for my future and it's been 3 years I've lived alone now. If you think you'll make the perfect husband, apply within hahaha joking. 

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Things guys shouldn't say

We live in a world, where we are judged by whatever we do. It's become acceptable to go through a lot of girlfriends/boyfriends. I follow the Duggar family online and there's always people leaving negative comments. They met someone and months down the line, they married. Jessa (was Duggar) Seawald is an inspiration that you can find that one guy to spend your life with. I love following Jessa Seawald's life on her blog. 

I have met a few guys who have said they are interested in me, yet talk of girls from the past. My parents met really young. When I grew up my parents never once talked of anyone from their past, so why would you want to meet someone who talks of people from their past?. 

It would be nice to meet someone who hasn't had like a million people before you haha, but in the modern world we live in things are different.  

There's been situations I've felt awkward, so these are things guys shouldn't say to girls.

Naming your ex girlfriend - If you name a girl from your past, it will make us want to search her online. People say it's insecurity if you want to search someone, but if a guy mentions another girl we will think she must have been better than us. We want to know is she pretty than us, or why is he talking of her ?

Have conversations about ex girlfriends - We don't want to hear about an ex girlfriend. I once drove a guy I met, to a place a liked. He talked of what he and this girl done there. I said who is she, asking if I knew her and he said his ex girlfriend. I awkwardly went silent. I thought does he want to be here with me or the other girl?. There's been a few other awkward situations, but let's not go there. 

Saying I miss you, unless you mean it - Once this guy would only want me when it suited him. He'd disappear saying he was suffering depression and appear out the blue saying he misses me. Then he'd give a sympathy story saying he has no money for food or electric and ask me to send money. I wasn't falling for that haha.

Talking about sex with your ex - We don't want to hear you had sex with someone else, it's a huge put off. Do we really want to imagine you with someone else?. 

We don't mind if you talki of your ex online etc, but talking about her personally to us makes us think she's better.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Pandora ring

Yesterday I was in work and someone came along with a box. I was totally confused and scared to open it. I opened it and it was pandora.

I was so confused thinking who'd send me this ? I had to look at the paper part and had the persons name.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day ! My mum came and knocked on my door and gave me a box of Malteasers - Teasers. I don't like Malteasers, but the Teasers are the best. I guess there's more chocolate, less malt. I seriously can't believe Malteasers brought out a box of all Teasers!!!

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