Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Wetherspoon Christmas Dinner 2016

I went along to Wetherspoon with David from my work and the Christmas menu had started already !!! I said to David we should get something from the Christmas menu and pretend it's Christmas, but no he was a huge disappointment saying he didn't like the things in the menu. He's a more fussy eater than me !!! Oh and to add to it, he was saying he can't have certain meals because the amount of calories stated. I said so you can't have a dessert then !!! Everyone knows David loves his chocolate cakes.

I did think the Wetherspoon Christmas menu is abit disappointing this year. There's no proper Christmas dinner, like they have done in the past. They have a turkey pie or vegetarian wellington with drink for £7.25, Christmas deli panini or wraps with a drink for £4.49 or Christmas burgers with drink for £7.25.

I went for the brie and cranberry vegetable burger, which comes with chips and onion rings and an irn bru for the drink.
And for dessert I went for the milk chocolate honeycomb cheesecake. The Christmas desserts are £3.50, but you can mix the desserts from the normal menu for the 2 for £5.

David was boring went for fish. His dessert was the chocolate brownie. 

David doesn't understand what it's like to be a blogger, he threw the napkin over my dessert when I was trying to take the photo !

The Christmas menu was nice, but don't go expecting the usual traditional menu.

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Interior bedroom ideas

I bought a 2 bedroom house 3 years ago and have done nothing to the spare bedroom. I wanted a 2 bedroom house, thinking ahead for when I have kids. At this rate, I may have to change it into a makeup room haha.

The carpet is kind of new. I bought the carpet when I bought the house, but I never go in the bedroom.

Any ideas what I should do to the room ?

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Friday, 4 November 2016

Last minute shopping haul

Does anyone else do last minute clothes shopping before going on holiday ? . I always decide last minute to go buy new clothes, before going on holiday. 

These are clothes I bought before going to New York, but chucked them straight into my suitcase. So thought I'll show you late, than never. 

Black spotted flip flops £3 
River island
Gold plimsoles £15
Black bomber jacket £45
White cami top £14
Persie Pleat Detail Dress £25 - Cobalt
Leah High Neck Double Layer Midi Dress £18 - Nude
Saskia Lace Bralet £10 - Cream
Top shop
Mom denim shorts £28
Black top £7.99
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