Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Row | New York

The Row is a luxury clothing and accessories brand owned by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They have a shop in Los Angeles and New York. It's been my dream to visit The Row store, ever since I heard a shop was opening in New York. The Row is located at 17 east 71st street in New York and opened in May this year, so this was top of my to do list to visit The Row while I was in New York.

From the outside it looks like a town house, there's no big shop sign saying "The Row". To the left of the door there's a small silver plaque with the brand name "The Row". The small plaque makes The Row different, which I love. It's not a big sign to bring customers in, you really have to know the brand or a curious passerby. The only thing that makes it feel like a shop, it the security guard standing by the door.

The Row has 3 floors and each floor was like walking around a town house, not a shop. The shop was split into different sections, it was like walking through an open plan house. The ground floor was shoes and accessories, the middle floor was clothes and the top floor had more clothes and up the back had table, chairs, sofa and a bed. The clothes were hanging on clothes rails, 1 of each item. I was scared to ruin the display of the clothes haha. 

In the end I bought a pair of sunglasses

It's an amazing experience seeing The Row shop in person, than just reading about it in articles online. My favourite part of the store is how the top floor is designed with the sofa, table and chairs and you can look out the window down the street onto 71st street. I knew I had to buy something from The Row shop to say I'd been. I saw Ashley Olsen leave The Row store the day before wearing their brand sunglasses, I had to buy the same ones as her. The woman also gave a silk bag and a card with Mary-Kate and Ashley's favourite places to visit in New York. I love the luxury white bag the things came in, my only disappointment is it's plain. I'd have loved a bag with the brand name on it, to show to people back home in Scotland and say I've been to The Row in New York. I'll just keep my receipt is a souvenir haha. I love how it has my name on the receipt. It's the most exciting feeling being inside The Row store. If you're in New York, it's worth the visit.  

Also I got lucky on the 12th September, I saw the owners of The Row Mary-Kate and Ashley leave The Row store on 71st street. It's been my dream for soo long to see them in person. Although I would have loved a photo with them. It still feels crazy just thinking I saw them. 

(The sunglasses Ashley is wearing in the photo are the ones I bought)

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