Saturday, 15 October 2016

Review | Sheraton Hotel Times Square

Hi everyone I stayed at the Sheraton Times Square hotel while visiting New York, so I thought I'd write a little review sharing my thoughts on the hotel. The Sheraton hotel is situated on 52nd street, just past the centre of Times Square. I booked a package holiday costing £1770 for flight and hotel for 6 nights. The flight was showing at £800 alone and hotel was showing at £1500 alone, so it made more sense to look into package holidays. When I looked at package holidays the Sheraton hotel showed up the cheapest at £1770, which I couldn't understand as lower star hotels were showing at £2300 upwards. So yea I jumped at the chance and booked. I guess you can say I got the flight for £270, as the hotel showed at £1500 alone or you could say the hotel was £970, as the flight was £800. 

I checked in to the hotel and was given room number 4011, on the 40th floor. The lifts were strange you had to type your floor number you wanted to go to and it would show what lift you had to go to. It was hilarious when Scott stepped in the lift, he'd lean over staring at the corner. I said what are you looking at ? He goes am old school, looking for the buttons. 

I dropped my suitcase of in the room, then went to look out the window and couldn't believe the amazing view looking down the street onto Times Square. I've had some really bad views staying in New York hotels, facing onto rubbish bins. 

The room had a double bed, tv, large desk, sofa chair and a bathroom with bath/shower. It's one of the most spacious hotel rooms I've been in, in New York City. It's also good for working people with the huge desk.

When you check out most people need somewhere to leave their suitcase, unless you have an early flight. The suitcase storing is on the 6th floor and there's a sign saying it's $4 per bag to store. I had to pay $8, as I had 2 suitcases (a large and carry on suitcase). I think the suitcase storing charge is ridiculous considering you pay dear enough to stay at the hotel and you have no other choice, unless you want to pull your suitcase around New York City for the day haha.

I totally recommend this hotel, although I think it was just luck getting an amazing view. 

This is the night view from the room :

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