Friday, 21 October 2016

High Line | New York

The High Line is an old rail way in New York made into a foot path. I first heard of the High Line after coming back from New York the second time. I was looking up New York online and you know the feeling, dam why didn't I do that. It always happens, you discover something else once you come home. The High Line runs along beside 10th avenue a more quiet part of Manhattan, so it makes a nice walk to get away from Times Square, or to walk to places downtown. 

The first time I walked along the High Line I used the map on my phone, as it's very hidden trying to find the steps to get up. I walked to 30th street and along to 10th avenue. 

I used the High Line to walk to the World Trade Center walking along the way down to Greenwich village, till the High Line ended. Then I find my way to the World Trade Center looking up and following the building haha. I know a lot of people say to me walking from Times Square to the World Trade Center is too far and I should take the sub, but I feel safer walking when am on my own. Also walking the whole High Line you're too busy taking in the views of Manhattan, the walk goes in soo fast.

The best part is you can see soo much of New York skyline while walking on the High Line, Empire State Building, World Trade Center and even as far as the Statue of Liberty. Oh and it's free to walk the High Line.

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