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Let me just tell you New York really is like the movie "New York minute". You just never know what will happen. I've been stopped by the New York truancy officer, met cute New Yorkers and had my shot at walking with heels on the ever so bumpy New York paths.

Scott asked me to write a blog post about him and make him famous. Am not sure I can make him famous, but he can have his blog post. 

I realise people may wonder who Scott is with all those posts over the months, so today I'll explain how we met. In January I flew to New York for 3 nights of shopping. I just landed and dropped my bags of at the hotel. I was walking down Broadway looking for 1358 Broadway, as I read online it was the Elizabeth and James (Mary-Kate and Ashley) headquarters. I know it's crazy, but I wanted my photo beside the number. I realised I had walked by it, so turned back and eventually found 1358 Broadway. I stopped to take a photo of myself. 

This was the photo I was taking 

I heard someone shout "selfie". I just remember looking and seeing some guy walking by looking my way talking on the phone, so I looked at him and laughed. Then he started walking towards me, I started thinking is he going to want tip money for talking to me ? Do I start walking or wait ? When he got closer I was like wow, he's tall compared to me and not bad looking in his suit. He goes I think you're very pretty, I replied thanks. He goes I'd like to meet for coffee sometime, I goes oh am not actually from here. He goes where are you from ? I said Scotland. Then he gave me his business card saying what's your name ? I said Danielle. He started walking away saying his names Scott (Scaaaat) in his New York accent haha. He shouted back saying call him. 

I thought that was the end, as most guys normally ask for your number and he didn't bother. I thought he mustn't have cared that much to not ask for my number and maybe speaks to loads of girls.

When I went back to work Elaine someone from my work goes, how was New York ? I said well I met a guy. She goes and ? I said well he said he wanted to meet for coffee and didn't asked for my number giving me his business card and am not good at starting conversations. Elaine goes get back in touch with him ! 

I looked at his business card how I could contact him thinking I'll just contact him and be like hi, then he can't say Scottish people are rude. I saw there was an email address. I didn't know what to write, how to start the conversation. I emailed something like "hi do you remember me ?". After a few days he still hadn't replied. I thought ok we can't judge him, maybe he's one of those people who don't check their emails a lot. I went and bought an international calling card and txt the mobile number. I wrote did you get the email, do you remember me ? The next day I woke up to an email from Scott saying of course I remember you and him asking to phone. 

I remember nervously phoning him. He answered joking away saying its Braveheart, I was like haha. Then he was asking loads of questions, saying he was born in Hungary and moved to New York when he was 5. He asked when I'd be able to go back to New York, but I said I'd have to save. Then he said he had to get back to work and he'd phone me later, I was like ok bye. By the second phone call he was like I love you. He goes what to you say in Scotland, I love you or I care about you ? I goes aww I love you too. 

I hung up the phone and txt my cousin saying I think I've found my future husband, but he's in New York and am here. The thing is her dream is to visit New York, as she's never been so I don't think she took me seriously. My cousin replied, omg can you imagine if you move to New York saying she can come visit me. 

Scott is different from other guys I've met, always phones me. I love when I miss his call and he'll usually leaves a message saying hey it's your husband Scott. 

In July this year after saving enough to go and visit him, I booked to go in September. 

The funny thing when he first spoke he said he's not on Facebook. I had friends asking what his Facebook was to see photos of him. I'd sit with friends searching every name or nick name we could think of to do with him on Facebook, then googling him since we didn't really know him. One of the nights we were out in New York, Scott goes I bet you've searched me on Facebook and Google. I said no, I think he knew I was guilty haha. Thought he must have googled my name, to come out and say that.

Meeting Scott was better than I imagined, though he did let me down on the last day. It's kind of funny to think we kind of met because of Mary-Kate and Ashley. 

I can't add any photos of Scott, incase anyone is wondering what he looks like. 
I love you Scott 

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  1. Very nice new York story. Almost like a fairy tale , but thank you for making it mysterious, we both needed that. Everybody loves you and misses you here, we talk about you all the time ! You're like a celebrity princess in a far far away kingdom that even all my friends still toss off to even now !!! Thanks for everything Danny xoxoxo xoxoxo


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