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NYC | September 2016

Hey everyone, am back from New York. It had been the craziest week in New York. I met up with Scott who I met last time when I was in New York and my dream came true I saw Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Can you believe I put in my last blog post before I left about New York fashion week and my dream is to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley ? It still doesn't feel real I saw them. 

I went over to New York on the 11th of September to meet Scott, who lives in New York. The flight was Edinburgh direct to Newark at 9am, so I had to get up at 4am to check in at the airport for 6am. I know I was up super early, but I like to double, triple check I have everything. Scot met me at the airport in Newark. The time difference meant I arrived for 12pm, so I still had the whole day. I picked up my suitcase and walked through where people stand waiting thinking he won't be there, then Scott stepped forward saying  "ahoy matey" which is his usual saying on the phone. It was so funny, I still have no idea where he gets his "ahoy matey" from. I remember Scott saying you're a lot smaller than I remember. I said hey you've met me before, am the same height as before haha. He goes I know I just imagined you a couple inches taller. Scott's soo tall, so it meant it had to work my legs twice as much to keep up with him.

I dropped of my suitcase off at the hotel, then Scott wanted to go to the Scottish bar called "St Andrews" on 46th street. Every phone call Scott always says he's having irn bru, haggis, neeps and tatties, so I brought him a bottle of irn bru to try.

The heat was crazy in New York.  I usually  I go to New York in January or February. 

I really did not go to New York to come back home to Edinburgh, it was Scott's idea. Although the St Andrews bar was all in the name and photos, it's not really a Scottish place. I asked a member of staff if they've heard of irn bru for a laugh, but he said he'd never heard of it. I mean what ? the most popular Scottish drink. The food was too much for us Scottish people to eat, Scott ended up finishing my food haha. 

Then Scott took me on a New York subway for the first time, after visiting New York four times. We headed to The Row store (Mary-Kate and Ashley's shop), but it looked closed and workmen were taking things in. Scott asked when it would next be open. They said they are doing construction work and it would be back open on Tuesday, so we headed over to Central Park for a walk and burn the fat from St Andrews food ha. Scott let himself go too much in Central Park, doing a really loud fart, I was like "Scott that's an American arse haha" he blamed the burger he ate in St Andrews. 

On the first night we headed down to the World Trade Center memorial, as it was September the 11th the 15th anniversary of the World Trade Center. It felt surreal standing looking up at the blue light shining in the sky. I've seen it on tv and in papers, but not in person. Scott said he knew a few of the people who died in the towers. 

I stayed at the Sheraton hotel and had an amazing view looking on to Times Square. How amazing is the view ?

On Monday morning I woke up and it was like something in my head was telling me to go back to The Row shop, even though they said it was shut till Tuesday. I've always dreamed of meeting Mary-Kate and Ashley, but never thought it was actually happen considering I live in Scotland and they live in New York. I walked back to 71st street and turned the corner and seen quite a few photographers standing outside The Row store and black cars. I thought to myself Mary-Kate and Ashley must be in there, or why would photographers be standing outside. 

The photographers were taking photos of this person who went into The Row store. Does anyone know who she is ? It's kind of annoying me, I feel like I've seen her somewhere in a magazine or something. 

After about 20 mins waiting I spotted Mary-Kate's husband Oliviler Sarkozy come out. I thought hey I want to ask if I can get a photo with him. I ran after him and said hi can I get my photo with you ? He said am not very good at that thing, sorry. I thought oh ok just accept he doesn't want a photo. Then photographers went and took photos of him. I thought I'll never see him again, so I ran back to him and snapped this photo. He must have thought I was crazy walking away and running back to him, haha.

Then my dream came true, Ashley Olsen stepped out The Row store, Mary-Kate came out after. It still doesn't feel real to think I've seen them. I have been a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley since I was around 12. Although it would have been better to get a photo with them, but they were protected by their bodyguard. 

The cupcake ATM in New York is so much fun.

Who'd expect to see Victoria Beckham in Times Square ? It was just luck seeing Victoria Beckham. After seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley I thought I need to go out and celebrate seeing them and go buy their new perfumes. I came out Sephora on Times Square and Victoria was getting out a black car with her bodyguard. New York fashion week is definitely the time to visit New York to bump into celebrities.

Visiting The Row store is the best thing ever, for every Mary-Kate and Ashley fan.

I was kind of hoping on a bag from The Row that had the brand name on it, to show I'd been. It was a plain white bag.

Pose in Central Park 

The famous 1385 Broadway, where Scott shouted "selfie" back in January. 

Heels are not a good idea in New York with the bumps in the path. I felt like Ashley Olsen in New York minute, trying to keep up with Scott and falling into the cracks in the path. It was an experience walking with heels in New York and fun. I went with Scott to some event thing. My name is Danielle McLean, but since it was spelt wrong I was "Daniel Maclean". Scott insists I should be Maclean, as he says Maclean is Scottish and McLean is Irish. He goes but your blog is "Mac" I said that's just my blog name, am definitely a McLean who's Scottish haha. 

I met scott's cool mate Brandon. Brandon had the coolest American accent, he sounds like someone jumped out an American movie. Also I love the fact whenever Scott phones me he says Scottish people talk too fast, telling me to speak slower. I managed to have a conversation with Brandon. I said hey you understand me ? How come your mate Scott says Scottish people talk to fast. Brandon said Scottish people talk normal and he understood me fine. 

I've always wanted to visit Mad46 because I read in papers Mary-Kate and Ashley have went there, but every time I've been to New York, it's been January or February and Mad46 is only open April - October. This time we managed to visit, as its open for the season. 

Mad46 was so entertaining, with everything Scott and has mate was coming out with. The lift guy goes how did we like it, I goes "first time for me" then he goes where you from ? I said Scotland. Then Scott goes I wish she'd move over here and the lift guy goes work on it and you'll get there haha.

One of Scott's mates kept jumping in the photo haha

I love Swedish fish, but you can't get them in Scotland.

I was up the World Trade Center back in January and it was quite dull, but when you're there for a limited time you have to make use of the time you have. I went back up again this time, when it was a nice clear day. I wouldn't say no to going up on a dull day, it just gives the photo a different effect. I love my photos from last time I went up the World Trade Center, but a clear day means you can see more.

Westfield shopping Center 

How amazing is the Empire State Building at night ? 

Scott wanted to go to some club, but seriously it was the most boring club I've been to in my life. Thankfully he didn't stay long. These are a few random photo's from that night.

I tried on Scott's jacket and it went down to my knees, it shows how tall he is. I am pretty much average height 5 feet something. 

The High Line. 

Sunkist, my favourite drink in the States 

One of my favourite things is checking out the makeup section in drugstores, as America always get makeup months before it comes to the UK.

Shopping !!!!!! 

Last night in Times Square

The thing about New York City, you find yourself always looking up with the high buildings.

Trying Chipotle for the first time !!!!! 

We don't have "The tonight dough" Ben & Jerrys's ice cream flavour, so I had to try it. 

Leaving New York is always the hardest, it's like home for home. It's the only place in the world I feel comfortable, except my home Edinburgh. I was kind of sad Scott couldn't say even goodbye. I saved up months, after he kept asking me to meet up with him and traveled 8 hours on a flight. I kind of hoped he could have said goodbye at the end of the week. A few of my friend said maybe he didn't really want to say bye, not known if he'd see me again. 

I had a good week meeting up with Scott, apart from that.

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