Sunday, 14 August 2016

Instax Camera

I've been tempted to buy an instax camera, but I kept putting off not known if i'll really use it. I used to have the sticker Polaroid camera when I was a kid and it wasn't really used a lot. I had to get my parents to buy me the Polaroid stickers, so it was only really used a few times at family parties. 

I had Tesco clubcard vouchers going out of date and didn't really need anything. For those who don't know Tesco is a shop and you get vouchers for your shopping. I thought I'd make used of them and buy an instax camera I've been wanting. The instax camera I got is the instax mini 70 in the colour island blue and priced at £89. I had enough vouchers to pay for the camera, so technically it was a free camera. 

Here's a wee flash back a photo sticker of me and my dad when I was around 13-14 from the Polaroid sticker camera. Though I seem to have spilled something on it. 

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