Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How to start a blog

The other day my friend David asked how to start a blog. I've had my blog now for 3 nearly 3 years, so I had to think back. Then I thought since I had to explain how to start a blog, I would be better writting a blog post for anyone who's wanting to start a blog and isn't sure where to begin.

Here are tips on starting a blog : 

There are many different platforms to blog on, but I recommend Blogger !!!!!

Blogger is by far the easiest to edit, also if you have a google account it's the same username and password, as blogger is run by Google. 

The hardest part starting a blog I found was thinking of a url and writing your first blog post. You want a url that fits with your blog theme, or a url that you can write about anything depending on what you want to blog about. Also I found it hard writting my first blog post. I think you worry how people will judge you ? After your first blog post you go with the flow and type whatever is on your mind.

When you sign up with blogger you choose a username. So your blog will be www.blogger.com/ whatever username you choose. 

If you want to have your own domain (I personally think it make a blog look more professional), there's websites to buy a domain. My domain is hosted at go daddy. I find go daddy the cheapest and easiest to connect. Go daddy offer new customers the domain for around 99p and then after that it's about £9.99 a year. 

To connect your url to your blogger

Sign into blogger
Click settings
Where it says "Blog address" type in your url
A message will appear with what you need to type into where you host your domain 
Then go to where you host your domain (godaddy.com) 
Click settings, DNS management 
Under CNames (Alisases) click add
You can either type or copy and paste the server information 
& click save 
Then go back to your main setting and click (Forward)
Type in your url without the www for me http://daniellemac.com
Click redirect type - forward permanent 
& save

And you're done with connecting your url to your blog. 

The blogging part, you always learn new things. Am still learning new things in blogging myself. 

The basics 
"New blog post"
Type what you want to say
Upload photos 
Publish your blog post

Anyone can type and post photos, so anyone can blog.  

I hope this helps anyone wanting to start a blog. 

Also I recommend you go check out my friend David's blog (Cars and bricks) who's just posted his first blog post. He loves cars and lego, so I assume he will be blogging a lot about that.


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