Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Review | Boomf

Am sure everyone has heard of boomf, the company that makes marshmallows or I don't know where you've been living as there's so much advert online. If not am sure everyone knows of the royal family, it happens to be Kate Middleton's brother James's business.

I ordered them for my dads Father's Dad, photos of me since am his daughter. I went with the theme New York. The World Trade Center is the middle photo, then it's selfie photos of me with New York tourist - y things in the background. 

I said to my dad I need to take one to try and since am his daughter, he won't mind one missing. They taste just like any other marshamallows, so it is expensive for £15. However giving someone marshmallows with photos on them is different, so it's worth it as long as you don't casually stuff your face with them. I would buy them again as a present, but not for myself just to eat. Maybe one day when I have kids I'd get there photos made and eat them. 

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