Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Pub Dinner with my cousin

I met up with my cousin Carla at our local Wetherspoon, for a pub dinner. Wetherspoon has club night deals, which are amazingly cheap if you like the stuff on that night. Monday is what they call Mexican Monday. 

You get any meal from the Mexican menu, plus a juice for £5.89, or alcohol £6.89. Also if you want a dessert you can choose any dessert from the main menu for £2.35, so you're getting around £1 if you have a club meal as most desserts on the main menu are around £3-£4. 

My meal :

Bbq pulled pork & cheese quesadilla 
Glass of Coke 
Chocolate brownie sundae

It was funny a crowd of Americans came and sat at the tables behind us. We over heard them say to each other what is haggis, neeps and tatties? Then they all got fish and chips and salads. I said to my cousin I think Americans think fish and chips, as British. We looked over at their table and just smiled and one of the guys lifted his glass shouting over "light beer, light beer" so I just replied you come all the way from America and don't get haggis? He smiled, looking confused. The struggle of being Scottish we understand Americans clearly, but some Americans say us Scottish talk too fast. 

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