Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hard Rock Cafe | Glasgow

Every Scottish person knows what the proper Barrs Irn bru tastes like, so you know that devastating moment when you taste the cheap copy versions. I used to love going to the Hard Rock Cafe in my city Edinburgh and you got the proper Scottish Irn bru. They stopped selling Irn bru a few years back and I kind of got sick of the Hard Rock Cafe menu, that I hadn't been in a long time. 

My mum had been wanting to visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow since it opened, but it was always busy. We decided to wait this time to try the Glasgow one for a change. You get told to sit at the bar till a table is ready. 

I choose the bbq chicken, which comes with chips, coleslaw and some kind of bean thing. The drink I did choose Irn bru, as its back. I took one sip and it tasted disgusting. I can't drink the cheap versions of Irn bru. When the waiter came back I said what is that? as it's not Irn bru. He was nice about it saying he's new to Scotland and has noticed there's two types of Irn bru and offered to change my drink for something else. So he brought us glasses of coke over. 

I love Hard Rock Cafe and have been to many around the world, but if you're a tourist visiting Scotland the Irn bru Hard Rock Cafe sell in their Scottish restaurants isn't the proper stuff. So if you're a tourist visiting don't try their Irn bru, as it's not the proper Barrs Irn bru and doesn't taste right at all. The proper Scottish Irn bru tastes amazing !!! 

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  1. Haha you're very passionate about your Irn Bru, but I don't blame you it's such a good drink when done right!
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

    1. Nothing tastes as good as the proper stuff 😅


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