Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My 28th Birthday

On Sunday I turned 28, I know scary. I headed into town with my mum to the Harvey Nichols roof top bar and had a drink, then headed to TGI Fridays.

Harvey Nichols roof top bar has an inside area, where you can look onto Edinburgh castle or an outside area. Since it was a nice day, we sat outside to enjoy the view. There's a choice of wine, champagnes and cocktails. I choose a cocktail called "Manhattan". It is an expensive place with a £1.80 service charge, but my mum paid since it was my birthday (I think it was her who really wanted to go, since she went on about it haha) 

Edinburgh Castle 

At TGI Friday I got the veggie burger and a Coke. The dessert is the berry sundae. 

3260 miles to TGI Fridays New York 

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