Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Elizabeth and James dry shampoo

* Photoing the Elizabeth and James dry shampoo  bottles was not easy. I've tried for the past week with different lightening. The light from the window was shining on the bottle or it would be too dull. I also tried my daylight lights and the light shined on the bottle. So these are the best photos I'll get. 

When it comes to hotels I have a hygiene thing when it comes to showers and bed. I have this thing you don't know who was there before. I prefer to wash my hair with shampoo, that way I know my hair is clean.

I picked up the Elizabeth and James dry shampoos the first day I arrived in New York, since these were top of my list. They ended up coming in handy with my hotel fear.

The Elizabeth and James dry shampoos is a luxury fragranced dry shampoo. There are two different kinds the black smells of violet, sandalwood and vanilla. The White dry shampoo smells of muguet, peony and musk. 

For $28 it is expensive for a shampoo, but where else can you get your favourite smell shampoo? I love the smell it leaves on your hair and it makes your hair look just washed. 

These are photos after using Elizabeth and James dry shampoo.

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