Thursday, 28 April 2016

New hair

My cousin Carla is a hairdresser at Charlie Miller in Edinburgh and asked me to be one of her models, to cut my hair. I rarely ever get my hair cut because the hairdresser always cuts more than I wanted, so it was getting abit long.

Before : 

After :










Thanks cousin, I love it !!! 

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My 28th Birthday

On Sunday I turned 28, I know scary. I headed into town with my mum to the Harvey Nichols roof top bar and had a drink, then headed to TGI Fridays.

Harvey Nichols roof top bar has an inside area, where you can look onto Edinburgh castle or an outside area. Since it was a nice day, we sat outside to enjoy the view. There's a choice of wine, champagnes and cocktails. I choose a cocktail called "Manhattan". It is an expensive place with a £1.80 service charge, but my mum paid since it was my birthday (I think it was her who really wanted to go, since she went on about it haha) 

Edinburgh Castle 

At TGI Friday I got the veggie burger and a Coke. The dessert is the berry sundae. 

3260 miles to TGI Fridays New York 

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Elizabeth and James dry shampoo

* Photoing the Elizabeth and James dry shampoo  bottles was not easy. I've tried for the past week with different lightening. The light from the window was shining on the bottle or it would be too dull. I also tried my daylight lights and the light shined on the bottle. So these are the best photos I'll get. 

When it comes to hotels I have a hygiene thing when it comes to showers and bed. I have this thing you don't know who was there before. I prefer to wash my hair with shampoo, that way I know my hair is clean.

I picked up the Elizabeth and James dry shampoos the first day I arrived in New York, since these were top of my list. They ended up coming in handy with my hotel fear.

The Elizabeth and James dry shampoos is a luxury fragranced dry shampoo. There are two different kinds the black smells of violet, sandalwood and vanilla. The White dry shampoo smells of muguet, peony and musk. 

For $28 it is expensive for a shampoo, but where else can you get your favourite smell shampoo? I love the smell it leaves on your hair and it makes your hair look just washed. 

These are photos after using Elizabeth and James dry shampoo.

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Monday, 11 April 2016

Elizabeth and James hand cream

I've found Sephora staff come over and say "hi are you finding everything ok?" But they aren't too sure themselves. Two occasions now I've went to another store and got what I wanted. When the Elizabeth and James perfume first came out in January 2014, I went in one Sephora and asked if they had the Elizabeth and James perfumes. They said they did behind the back and came back saying they aren't allowed to sell until later in the month. I walked away thinking I wouldn't be able to buy the perfume, as I was only over in New York for a few nights. I happened to go in another Sephora and over heard someone ask for "the Olsen twins perfume". The guy said he'd get it from behind the back, then he brought them out. So I managed to get both the black and white perfumes in another Sephora.

 This time when I was over in New York I walked into Sephora in Times Square looking for the Elizabeth and James dry shampoo and hand cream, since they are the newest products I hadn't got. Elizabeth and James have their own stand in Sephora, so I found the dry shampoo easily but I couldn't see the hand cream. Then one of the Sephora staff asked if I was finding everything ok. I asked if they had the Elizabeth and James hand cream. She replied no. I said do you know if any of the other Sephora's near by will have it? She said the Times Square sephora get the most stock, so I wouldn't get it in the other stores near by. I said ok thanks anyway and bought the dry shampoo. I then went for a walk around Times Square and happened to pass the Sephora on 42nd street. I spotted the Elizabeth and James stand near the door and stopped to have a look. A guy member of staff from Sephora came over asking if am finding everything ok. I just laughed and said no I've came all the way from Scotland for the Elizabeth and James hand cream and you don't have it. He replied we do and showed me to the shelves by the till. I'd have never thought to check by the tills. So if you're that guy who works in Sephora on 42nd street, you're awesome!!! I'd be devastated coming home without it.

There is two Elizabeth and James hand creams, black and white version. They are priced at $15 for 50ml. I picked up both hand creams. 

The black Elizabeth and James hand cream smells of violet, sandalwood and vanilla. The black is my favourite, I love to know the smell is still there and I personally find the black smell lasts longer. 

The Elizabeth and James white smells of muguet, peony and musk. It has a total different smell to the black to why I love both versions, but it's a lot lighter scented. 

I have never really liked hand creams, as my hands have felt weird after applying hand creams. I use a small amount of the Elizabeth and James hand cream and I forget I've even put hand cream on, as my hands don't have that greasy feeling some hand creams give the feeling of. I love the smell, sometimes I start smelling my hands like a weirdo haha. 

I seriously recommend this, $15 well spent. Am so glad I bought three tubes of the black and one white, since we can't buy this in the UK. 

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Monday, 4 April 2016

New York Shopping Haul

Hello everyone I've finally got round to taking photos of what I bought in New York. I blame Scott the New Yorker, who I met over in New York for keep phoning me haha you've got to blame someone. I told Scott about my blog and he's said he's mentioned it to a few people. I have noticed on the website analysis, the views have went up in the United States. If you came across this blog because of Scott, you know the coolest New Yorker called "Scaaaat" as it's pronounced in the New York accent. So hello to all new people who've came here through Scott or if you've stumbled across my blog. 

I've been to New York three times now, twice on my own and once with my mum. The one thing everyone asks me is how do you manage to go to New York on your own?. You go to New York for the shopping, there's so much to see and do to even have time to think "am alone in New York City" haha. I get myself in a panic getting to places I don't know of where I live in Edinburgh, so if I can manage New York on my own then am sure anyone can!

I love going to America and buying things we can't buy in the UK. Everyone knows I love Elizabeth and James products, which we don't have in the UK so that was top of my list the first thing I had to buy. They had since brought out Elizabeth and James hand cream and dry shampoo, since the last time I was over.

These are the things I bought in New York :

Elizabeth and James Nirvana black perfume 100ml - $100
Elizabeth and James hand cream 50ml 
Black and White - $15
Elizabeth and James dry shampoo 200ml
Black and White - $28

Sephora retractable waterproof eyeliner - Glitter black - $12

Mac large pro palette - $8
Mac pro palette eyeshadow insert - $2
Mac eyeshadows - $10 each 

Dazzle light 
All that glitters
Honey lust
Wood - winked 
Naked lunch 

Mac Times Square tote bag - $45

Victoria secret pink body lotion
Made you wish
Naughty is nice
Light me up

Victoria's Secret lip oil - coconut splash
Victoria's Secret lip oil - vanilla sunrise
Victoria's Secret beauty rush lip gloss
Victoria's Secret matte lip crayon - electric sunset 
& the other lip crayon has no name just a blank sticker so I have no idea what it's called, but it's a red 

Victoria's Secret - New York nighty - $26.95

Victoria's Secret - Messy hair don't care top - $24.95

Victoria's Secret - All about that gym life top - $24.95

Victoria's Secret angel NYC top - $24.95

Forever 21 - don't stop till you drop top - $12.90

Forever 21 - Made in NYC top - $10.90

H&M cream jumper - $24.99

Aeropostale - Times Square top - $14.95

Aeropostale - Bethany Mota shimmer - $3

Elf - Little black book eyeshadows

Statue of Liberty M&M dispenser, just because you have to bring a novelty thing back haha

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