Thursday, 3 March 2016

New York

I have failed blogging recently :-(. I went to New York and the Internet was very slow to edit blogs, then my blogging went down hill from there. When you don't blog one day, then you kind of slack the next. I need some kind of motivation, so here we go.

What I done in New York : 

  • Walk along The Highline
  • Go up the World Trade Center 
  • Walk across the Brooklyn bridge 
  • Walk round Central Park 
  • John Lennon memorial
  • Cupcake ATM
  • Shopping
  • Met Scaaaaatt 

My highlight of New York has to be the cupcake ATM. The cupcake ATM is like the coolest thing ever, we don't get any fun stuff like that in the UK. 

Also I met a New Yorker called Scaaaat, on Broadway. Well he says Scaaaaatt, but I knew he ment Scott. Someone teach him to say his name properly haha. I think the New York accent is growing on me, you miss out "R's" and change "O" in "A's". I was walking down Broadway and stopped to take my photo outside 1358 Broadway, as the Elizabeth and James ( Mary-Kate and Ashley ) Headquarters is there, so i needed to take my photo outside and Scott shouted "Selfie". He is so funny with the Scottish accent and ends up sounding like Groundskeeper Willie from "The Simpsons". So if anyone is looking for an American who can do a Scottish voiceover, just contact me and I can put you in touch with him. 

So finally here is the massive photo post from New York : 

If you made it to here you are amazing and thanks for stopping by.

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