Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mum's Birthday

It was my mums birthday, so I took her to the TriBeCa the New York restaurant. I wish it really was TriBeCa New York, but it's in Brutsfield Edinburgh. I wore my New York jumper because you have to play the New York part haha. The funny laugh when I go to New York I would never wear anything New York, as I try to blend in with the New Yorkers haha. 

I had the bbq beef short ribs
Slow cooked and smoked short ribs with TriBeCa bbq glaze served with fries and a roasted veg salad. 

and the classic American vanilla milkshake
A thick ice cream shake with whipped cream

My mum had the all American burger and an Irn bru. I said to my mum you can't have Irn bru you are in America haha. I have no idea why TriBeCa have Irn bru if its meant to be a New York restaurant, when Irn bru is Scottish.

The American milkshakes are the best !!!!

Also before leaving you should go check the toilets out. I try avoid public toilets, but my mum told me how each toilet has photos of New York. It's pretty cool each toilet door has a New York street sign and you open the door and the back wall is a photo, as if your looking onto that area. I really wanted to take photos, but a staff person was watching me opening the doors and felt awkward. I did manage to quickly get this one of the Statue of Liberty.

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  1. I pass here nearly everyday when I go to work and still haven't got around to going. Looks like a nice menu and the milkshakes look amazing.

    Tasha x

    1. That's cool, you should definitely try it one time.

  2. So nice cafe, I really like it. Especially a taxi car on the celling. Follow the link if you want a list of the best cafes in the USA.


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