Friday, 29 January 2016

Review | Yo Sushi

I went into town with my mum to try Yo Sushi, as my mum got vouchers for long service from her work. 

The dishes go round on a belt, but you could easily get carried away. I picked a couple of the belt, which I didn't know the names and it was hard trying to match the picture. Then I ended up ordering a curry. I didn't eat all 3 incase anyone thinks am a big eater. My mum ate half the meat thing. 

If you are ever in Edinburgh, this is a good eating place if you want a view of Edinburgh castle. 
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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Personalised M&M's

*Am posting this after Christmas, as my dad knows my blog

Dads can be hard to pick Christmas presents for, they are happy with the simple things in life. My Dad is happy as long as he has his beer and watching football, so when it comes to Birthdays and Christmas presents I'll get him the latest Rod Stewart cd or book since he's a huge fan of Rod Stewart or something sentimental. 

My m and m website offers you to personalise m&m's, choosing the colours , adding words or photos. I personalised m&m's with a photo of me to give to my Dad because who doesn't want m&m's with a photo of their daughter of them haha. 

There's 4 stages of designing the m&m's the colours, I choose cream and baby blue because I didn't think dark colours would show the photo aswell. then you choose your photo and or writing. I clicked the photo I wanted and left the otherside as an "m" as that's the m&m logo which I prefer keeping it looking realistic. Then you choose the design of box, or you can buy big bags and tubes or party bags to dish them out to others. I choose the Christmas tree design, as it was for my Dad's Christmas.

I love how this turned out !

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year

Happy New Year  

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