Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Jo Malone London Advent Calendar

It's that time of year again, each year more and more brands are bringing out advent calendars. We don't even know which one to go for now, since there's so many. !!! Last year I saw the Jo Malone advent calendar, but at £260 I hesitated about buying it. Am just an ordinary girl, so £260 is alot to me, but I do like to treat myself (sometimes). It went for sale and sold out in a day. When I heard the Jo Malone advent calendar was coming back this year, there was no thinking about it. 

The Jo Malone advent calendar went for sale on the Jo Malone website on November the 2nd. I got up early before work to buy it, but still had "coming soon". I checked again on my lunch break and was available, so I quickly bought it before regretting missing out on it again. A few hours later I was curious and checked back the website and showed as "sorry, this item is sold out". I was so happy I managed to get one before they sold out. 

The advent calendar is designed around the famous London Town house. It has so much detail showing the 5 floors, the little windows, door and every brick detail. It even has the number 52 just like the Georgian town house in London. I love the Christmassy look with the wreath on the door. The middle opens out to reveal the advent window numbers. Each window pulls out like a drawer and is wrapped in black tissue. 

Its one of the most expensive advent calendars I have seen for £260, but for that price you get 23 luxury miniture perfumes, body creams, body and hand washes. On the 24th day you get a 50ml body cream. 

Products :

Wood sage and sea salt cologne 9ml

Peony and blush suede body and hand wash 15ml

Lime basil and mandarin cologne 9ml

Dark Amber and ginger lily cologne intense 9ml

Pomegranates noire body creme 15ml

Red roses cologne 9ml

Velvet rose and oud cologne intense 9ml

Grapefruit body and hand wash 15ml

Nectarine blossom and honey cologne 9ml

Tuberoses angelica cologne intense 9ml

Orange blossom body creme 15ml

Pomegranates noir cologne 9ml

Earl grey and cucumber cologne 9ml
Blackberry and bay body and hand wash 15ml

Nectarine blossom and honey body creme 15ml

Incense and cedrat cologne intense 9ml

Nutmeg and ginger body creme 15ml

Blackberry and bay cologne 9ml

Oud and bergamot cologne intense 9ml

Peony and blush suede cologne  9ml

Wood sage and sea salt hand body and hand wash 15ml

English pear and freesia cologne 9ml

Red roses body and hand wash 15ml

Peony and blush suede body creme 50ml

It's a good chance to try different Jo Malone products, with 24 different products to try out. My favourite ones are the Orange blossom body creme, Oud and bergamot cologne intense, Peony and blush suede cologne, Tuberose angelica, Velvet rose and Odu cologne intense. I am not going to lie, I grudged paying £260 for an advent calendar, but it really is worth the money you pay and remember it's a sell out every year !!!! 

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