Thursday, 1 October 2015

Autumn clothing haul

Everytime I head to Glasgow my favourite place is Forever 21, because we don't have one in Edinburgh. I was slightly disappointed this time. I regretted not buying the high waisted leggings last time I went to Glasggow, so planned getting them. The whole store look like it was still getting autumn range in. There was so many odds and ends. I could only find the navy in my size of the high waisted leggings. 

So here are the things I did end up picking up :

New York jumper - £14
I'd buy it if it was black vest top - £11
This is so me, I buy too much black clothing. 
Basic grey vest top - £4
Gold and black stripe long sleeve top - £7.50
No thanks top - £7
Rings - £3
High waisted leggings - £8.25

I'd been looking for a nice pair of brown ankle boots for ages, but nothing seemed my style. Then I spotted then in H & M. I love them. 

Brown ankle boots £24.99

I think when I have an idea what I want, I'll be shopping at Foreber 21 online. 

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  1. great post - especially love the boots! I am on my own little hunting for some ankle boots, maybe I should check out H&M now!
    xx A Place for Charlie

    1. It's always when you have something in mind you can't find it, then you give up and spot what you want. I've seen people wear brown ankle boots, so they seem on trend. Every shop I went into they looked not my style, with laces, heel, added patterns etc. I've got plenty high heel boots, but I wanted flat boots that I could wear everyday.

      I hope you find what you have in mind :-)

  2. Some great picks! That New York jumper is so gorgeous and chic. If I saw it in a shop I would probably buy it too :-) It’s a perfect transitional piece xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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