Saturday, 31 October 2015

Wetherspoon peri peri half chicken

Anyone else find the chips amount at Wetherspoon is getting smaller, or depends who the cook is? I used to get way more chips than I can eat, but now they have cut down. I went for the peri peri half chicken which tasted spicy, before nearly finishing the chicken and realising that the sauce is peri peri, oops. I should have poured it over the chicken.

You get a half chicken, chips, peri peri sauce and coleslaw. 

The chicken looks a lot, but am not a big eater and I managed to eat it all. Also for everyone wondering the peri peri isn't that all spicy, as I made use of it pouring over my chips and I can't handle too much spice. 

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn Style

I was browsing TK Maxx and couldn't believe my luck when I came across Elizabeth and James clothing. Who'd have thought TK Maxx would sell Elizabeth and James ? For anyone wondering Elizabeth and James is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's high end clothing line. Everytime I've looked in TK Maxx stores it's like a jumble sale odds and end sizes, so it was a complete surprise to come across a £24.99 Elizabeth and James jumper in my size online. 

The Elizabeth and James orange and white jumper is perfect for autumn, although am not one for bright orange clothes. I paired it with plain grey Forever 21 leggings and brown ankle boots from H & M. Leggings are an all year rounder for me, they are comfy and go with everything. I've been addicted to ugg boots for years and bought other boots in the past and couldn't walk in them, as they didn't seem to compare to uggs. I had my mind set on brown ankle boots and came across ones in H & M. I love the boots, they are not only my style but comfy to walk in.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Smashbox photo finish luminizing foundation primer

When it comes to makeup I've always stuck to foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I think it's a mix that am not a professional makeup artist and am still new to trying primers and all the little extras. 

The smashbox photo finish luminizing foundation primer comes in a small tube of 30ml for £25. I was curious by photo finish, as we all take photos and look back and aren't happy with the photo. 

I use my Makeup Forever face and body foundation as a base foundation and use a small amount of Smashbox photo finish luminizing foundation on top. I love how the Smashbox luminizing foundation primer makes my skin look abit of a glow. I need to get more into all the added extras makeup, as I love how this makes my face look.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Makeup Forever face and body foundation

Who else buys products when you hear a celebrity uses it ? The Makeup Forever face and body foundation was in a magazine as Mary-Kate Olsen's favourite foundation, so I couldn't wait to try this out. I bought mine  from Debenhams in the colour porcelain. 

The Makeup Forever foundation comes in a clear glass bottle with a pump and is 50ml. It costs £27 which is quite expensive for a foundation. I kind of put off buying it, then when I read Mary-Kate Olsen uses it I was like ok am buying it ha. 

The first time I tried it I noticed the consistency is really thin, it just started to run once I sprayed onto my hand. I started to wonder how good the coverage would be. It took abit getting used to Makeup Forever foundation, since I've loved Mac foundation for so long. My Mac foundation I found I only needed 1 pump for good coverage, but I find with Makeup Forever I really need 2-3 pumps.

At first I wasn't too sure if I liked it, as the consistency is totally different to Mac, but I've grown to love this and now it's favourite foundation right now. I love how natural it looks, you can't really tell you are wearing foundation. 

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Top 5 | Soap and Glory smelly products

Soap and Glory have a huge range of bath and shower products, so I've put together my top 5 favourite ones. Soap and Glory range is something you could easily walk by thinking aw it's just another strawberry smelly products I admit I  never give it a second look.  It wasn't until I read other bloggers rave on about Soap and Glory and a few days later Boots had their points event day when you spent £50 and got £12 in points. I went along to Boots and all Soap and Glory products were 3 for 2. I pretty much bought every smelly product trying to spend £50 to get £12 in points .

Now that I've tried a lot of the Soap and Glory bath and shower range, here is my top 5 products :

The sugar crush body wash was my first Soap and Glory shower product I tried. If your a newbie to Soap and Glory the sugar crush range is good to start with. It has lime which I don't even like, yet they manage to make it smell so good.

The sugar crush body butter cream has the same smell, but is in a cream formula.

The Soap and Glory hand cream has the you can just tell before looking that it's "Soap and Glory" now it's coming the colder months, we really need this. 

The Scrub of your life has pink beads and has a perfume smell. The beads feel quite nice rubbing onto your skin. It's ment to help remove dry skin, but I just love the feel of it. 

Lastly the whipped clean comes in a tube and is a shower butter, which smells of creamy vanilla. I love vanilla it actually smells edible, you'll want to eat it.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Soap and glory peaches and clean

Soap and Glory website say :

Want to remove make-up and impurities in one clean sweep? Reach for Soap & Glory’s indispensable daily face cleanser, Peaches And Clean™. It’s gentle, effective, melts away make-up (even waterproof mascara), and re-energises your complexion in two minutes. 

 OXYGINSENG™ TECHNOLOGY - an amazingly effective, organic complex that helps increase circulation and cell respiration (which then turns up blood supply and toxin removal), and also speeds oxygen and nutrient delivery to fight aging and re-energise skin

PEACH & GOJUICE™ (peach and goji berry extracts) - rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & C

 QUILLAJA BARK - a Chilean soap bark tree-derived natural cleansing agent

The Soap and Glory peaches and clean is a face wash and even good for wiping makeup of. It comes in a clear bottle, so you can see it's a creamy colour wash. 

When I start work early, I prefer something simple. I quickly wash my face and go. You see so many products now days for your skin which take forever, but this has so many good things, anti agent and vitamins and it's quick to use like soap.  

I love this product the smell isn't too strong for your face, it's a gentle smell even though am bad at describing smells haha sorry. 

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Soap and Glory Righteous Body Lotion

Soap and Glory website says :

A mega-sized (half-litre) bottle of super deluxe but lightweight Soap & Glory body lotion with shea and cocoa seed butters, sweet almond and rosehip seed oils, aloe vera, vitamin E, a special seaweed-sourced rough skin smoother, and Soap & Glory’s fabulous bergamot, peach, vanilla and sandalwood classic ‘pink’ fragrance.

I struggling finding a moisturiser I like, or isn't too much faff. I use this after my shower and dries really quick and had the righteous smell, which is a plus. The righteous smell is like a perfume, not too strong, just righteous haha.

I totally recommend this, especially when it's 3 for 2 and like yesterday Boots had a deal on spend £50 and get £10 in boots points. Days like that makes it more worth it. The righteous body lotion is £10, so picking up a few Soap and Glory products you could easily spend £50!

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Autumn clothing haul

Everytime I head to Glasgow my favourite place is Forever 21, because we don't have one in Edinburgh. I was slightly disappointed this time. I regretted not buying the high waisted leggings last time I went to Glasggow, so planned getting them. The whole store look like it was still getting autumn range in. There was so many odds and ends. I could only find the navy in my size of the high waisted leggings. 

So here are the things I did end up picking up :

New York jumper - £14
I'd buy it if it was black vest top - £11
This is so me, I buy too much black clothing. 
Basic grey vest top - £4
Gold and black stripe long sleeve top - £7.50
No thanks top - £7
Rings - £3
High waisted leggings - £8.25

I'd been looking for a nice pair of brown ankle boots for ages, but nothing seemed my style. Then I spotted then in H & M. I love them. 

Brown ankle boots £24.99

I think when I have an idea what I want, I'll be shopping at Foreber 21 online. 

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