Thursday, 13 August 2015

Review | Berry Eton mess at the Premier Inn

Everytime I go for a walk with my mum, she always says she wants to for for a drink in the Premier inn. We ended up going in this time. I had a look at the dessert menu and they were about around £5 which I thought was quite expensive, but what do you expect for restaurant price. I was undecided between the berry eton mess and the chocolate brownie. Sometimes chocolate brownie can be sickening, so I decided to go for the berry eton mess.

I was expecting it to come on a tall thin glass, like most restaurants. It came in a pyrex style dish. I thought this is bigger than I expected. The berry Eton mess is described as mixed berries, fresh strawberries with vanilla flavoured and strawberry ice creams and crushed meringue, topped with raspberry sauce, a whip of ice cream and curled wafers. The whole bowl was full with strawberries, raspberries, raspberry sauce and meringues.

A lot of other places I've had eton mess there's only been a few raspberries and a little bit meringue, I've felt I could have done with more. I found the Premier Inn there was far too much berry taste, there could have been more ice cream and less berry. The berry taste gets abit much. If you love eton mess a lot, then you will love the Premier Inn eton mess. 

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  1. I love Eton Mess this looks amazing but as you say there is a lot of berries.

    Carrieanne x

  2. It looks delicious but does seem like there are far too many berries.


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